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  • Yo sorry to keep asking you stuff, but do you got a cite for Lancer and Saber moving at relativistic speeds in f/z?
    Xhominid the Fool
    Xhominid the Fool

    Then—both parties stepped forward at the same time with spirits majestic as the rainbow in the sky, and the clashing sounds were clear as ripping cloth.

    The two heroes who had not had a chance to battle these three days, tonight finally had the chance to face off; an intense battle would once again occur.

    The situation of battle tonight—on one hand was a re-enactment of the showdown at the warehouses, but the battle of their crossing swords was even more intense than the first—fiercer, more direct, more final; it was a direct clash of strength on strength.

    Between the two there was no need for mutual evaluation, nor the use of tricks to confuse the other. Lancer held only one lance right from the beginning; the blade of Saber’s sword was also completely revealed. Neither used means of plots and tricks. Even faster, even more imposing. After one made a move, the other would immediately retaliate at full strength with a blow that would counter the first. A simple contest of skill, blade of sword against point of lance, even more intense, even more white-hot.

    The holy sword intertwined with the demonic lance, in direct opposition; the sparks flying were simply dazzling. The clash between the precious artifacts of legend, driven by strength and speed far beyond that of a human, passed the speed of sound, nearing the speed of light. Observation had long since lost meaning in this momentous battle. Those divine skills, pushed to the limits at the point of this fierce battle, were having a supreme contest between the two.

    An unknown number of rounds had been fought; perhaps tens of rounds, perhaps hundreds of rounds. It was simply impossible to determine with a mortal eye. After the lance and sword of the two clashed, they finally separated, and moved away from each other.
    Hey you have a video or quote of when Iskander dodged Excalibur in F/Z?
    Xhominid the Fool
    Xhominid the Fool
    There are videos but it doesn't show him actually getting Waver out of the way but they still do show how ridiculously hair thin they was by it:

    And here's the entire exchange:
    About a hundred meters away, Rider’s chariot also slowed to a stop. And it had reversed the direction that it was facing, too. All this time, it had moved straight forward to let Saber trail in its dust, but now it actually turned around; the eyes of the two divine bulls, as well as their master the King of Conquerors, were filled with a feeling of the joy of battle; he looked upon Saber with a captivating gaze.


    is confidence was not hollow. Though he had said that it was a large gamble, Rider himself had full confidence in his victory.

    “Light is at the other end of the world—conquer! Via Expugnatio: Distant Trampling Domination!”

    The true name of that which had finally been released, the chariot drawn by divine bulls from which lightning suddenly burst forth. The majestic braying of the divine bulls under whose feet Berserker had been trampled in the first battle could never compare to this.

    “—Let the wind come!”

    Seeing her opponent rush towards her, Saber also hurriedly pulled out her sword under the protection of the air pressure.

    Opening the vortex of the hurricane, a golden light shone forth as if to show the kingship of the knight; prana was continuously roiling.

    “AAAALaLaLaLaLaie !!”

    Accompanying Rider’s roar, the bulls stamped hard once on the asphalt ground; their cloven hooves rushed forward like raging billows. Waver, though overwhelmed by their majesty, nevertheless made an utmost effort to open his eyes wide, so as not to pass out again like the last time. At the fore was a very strong anti-city Noble Phantasm about to be released; in order to gain the initiative, Rider rushed as if his life depended on it, definitely unwilling to give up an opportunity to defeat Saber.

    The King of Conquerors’ direct attack sent a shiver down Saber’s spine. By the rushing of the divine bulls, the hundred-meter distance had instantaneously been decreased to zero. In the blink of an eye, the might of Gordius Wheel manifested before her eyes.

    If the hilt of her precious sword had still been in her hand, then she would definitely have been certain of victory; facing the golden radiance that Rider raised, there was only one thing that she could shout out, one true name.


    In the moment that the rushing incarnation of thunder was about to trample upon Saber’s small frame


    Golden lightning, as if radiating countless comets, made the night as bright as day.


    Waver’s gaze was drawn by this, dazzled by this, and he could not help but turn around—within the intense attack, he rationalized extremely calmly and realized one thing.

    He had personally witnessed the light of Saber’s Noble Phantasm, and that meant… the result was that, before the Gordius Wheel had reached its final step, the King of Knights had taken the first step to initiate her attack
    Xhominid the Fool
    Xhominid the Fool
    Due to Excalibur's blow, the surface of the road had instantly been burned away; even the forest a little way away had been instantly blown to waste. The road was scarred, carved in the likeness of a single straight line. The molten asphalt gave off a revolting stench; it was extremely pungent. Waver felt as if his body was floating through the universe… no, carried by a strong man on his shoulders. Who was it that carried his young Master like a small luggage bag— it was not necessary to ask to know.

    “Ah… we’ve failed.”

    Rider said softly, as if remorseful from the heart. But considering the current situation, it did seem like too much of an understatement.

    It appeared that Rider was not hurt, either. But the chariot in which he rode, as well as the two divine bulls, had all vanished without a trace. The Noble Phantasm ‘Gordius Wheel’ had borne the might of the ‘Sword of Promised Victory’ and so had, like Caster’s sea monster, vanished and left no trace, not even a speck of dust.

    In the moment at which he had bordered the line of death, Rider, who had understood his failure, had quickly plucked Waver from the charioteer’s seat and narrowly escaped from under the attack of the anti-city Noble Phantasm. It could really be said that the two had cheated death. But the price was high enough. The flying chariot, which Rider had used as his main weapon all this time, had at the last minute gone up in smoke.

    But this was not yet over—using his will to fight, Waver immediately chased away his frustration at failure. Even if the ‘Gordius Wheel’ had been taken away, the King of Conquerors still had one last real trump card.

    So in simple terms, Iskandar dodged Excalibur despite them literally being on the precipice of death from how close it was but lost his Chariot in the process.
    XXXXXXX Holy shit man it's AWESOME to see you here ~_~ I regret forgetting to tell you about this place myself!
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    Xhominid the Fool
    Xhominid the Fool
    It's fine, I got told from someone else so it's definitely nice regardless
    Nep Nep
    Nep Nep
    I honestly feel like a dumbass but my brain is old and crusty. I can only hope you trust that I have genuine excitement for you being here. You're such a rare poster, I kinda just browsed through the latest dbs/arcade sections for a reminder of good posters and I didn't see you. I'm genuinely sorry, thanks for joining man.
    Xhominid the Fool
    Xhominid the Fool
    Again it's fine, I usually isn't super active in the sections you are in so that makes sense.
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