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  1. OrlandoSky

    Most advanced civilization

    Celestials from Marvel and the Old Ones from the lovecraft mythos, seeing as how Cthulhu built R’lyeh are decent contenders I think.
  2. OrlandoSky

    Shiki (Edens Zero) vs Kat (Gravity Rush)

    Yeah, that's why I say contextually it's still a universe level feat because story-wise that's what it was going to do, his numbers were just off. It's like how in marvel character guides list Thor as being strong enough to "lift up to 100 tons" when the dude's been arm wrestling with planet benchers since the silver age.
  3. OrlandoSky

    Shiki (Edens Zero) vs Kat (Gravity Rush)

    Universe+ Level for our observable universe is actually 9 TenaFoe, 40 YottaFoe came from a generously low estimation using 13 billion light-years diameter as an estimation instead of 93 billion light-years. This estimate is 10 NinaFoe, so it's actually 1/900th universe level. But contextually still a universe level feat since it was going to be used to destroy the universe but we can't expect Mashima to be a big wiz on numbers dude wrote Fairy Tail after all.
  4. OrlandoSky

    Who are the worst protagonists ever?

    I’m curious, What made Midoriya a popular choice? Dude just kinda seems completely wonderbread stale and boring. But that’s about it.
  5. OrlandoSky

    Who are the worst protagonists ever?

    Three way tie between: -Meliodas (his existence and power level completely trivializes everyone else’s agency in the show and the fact that he’s written as a jack of all trades self insert from the writer and is a groomer doesn’t help) -Kazuya from Rent-a-Girlfriend (GET. A. FUCKING. HOBBY DUDE…he literally just cries and jerks off, the dude is so pathetic it goes beyond pitiable and is just downright despicable. There is nothing he says or does that doesn’t invoke secondhand cringe) -Natsu Dragneel (Dude is an actual destructive menace. I don’t care how many villains he nakama punches he causes so much property damage with 0 repercussions every time cuz “lolimsocheeky”. Fucking wild animals have more restraint than him)
  6. OrlandoSky

    Thor with Stormbreaker (MCU) vs Optimus Prime with Star Saber (Transformers Prime)

    Also Gorr speeding up the orbit of his own star to create shadow monsters, and there's arguable scaling he gets from Khonshu and Odin too, depending on how canon you think the L&T trailers are even a couple of celestials were hiding from Gorr in god city. I've seen people go back and forth on large planet level pre-ragnarok Thor because of him battling a Reality Stone powered Malekith
  7. OrlandoSky

    Sukuna (JJK) vs Meruem (HXH)

    Right, I know Cheetu is fodder to the RG and King but I’m not sure you can scale his speed directly to them because the Hunters didn’t look motionless to him, all that really means is that they’re far faster than regular humans which we already knew and their speed is arguably as high as fraction of his own. I don’t think you could scale Cherry’s speed with really anyone because it was his whole and only schtick and the only characters we saw who could get him did so with strategy or flanking him from behind like Silva.
  8. OrlandoSky

    Sukuna (JJK) vs Meruem (HXH)

    Playing devil’s advocate here but I don’t remember Knuckle or Morel tagging Cheetu without restraining or tricking him in some way beforehand that’s what made him such an irritating opponent for them in fact I remember him blitzing them at the same time like they were statues with chain punches in the first fight.
  9. OrlandoSky

    Sukuna (JJK) vs Meruem (HXH)

    This is pre-Rose Merry Fight is where he fought Netero
  10. OrlandoSky

    Transformers feats/discussion

    It’s cool, happens to us all, just wanted to help with full context.
  11. OrlandoSky

    Transformers feats/discussion

    Solar system Supes is lowballed but he actually fought an old Golden Age Superman and their fight didn’t nearly destroy their universes that’s an out of context narration referring in actuality Alexander Luthor smashing a bunch of earths together like a child while they were busy roughhousing.
  12. OrlandoSky

    Lizardman (Soul Calibur) vs Reptile (Mortal Kombat)

    I think the Soul Calibur feats thread concluded Aeon was at country level or something with scaling. I don't think Reptile close to that.
  13. OrlandoSky

    Death Battle Discussion

    It seems pretty concrete that they will at this point.
  14. OrlandoSky

    Which of these sites is the worst with scaling characters?

    VBW or spacebattle spacebattle’s consensus throws scaling out and goes by character popularity, VBW has the opposite problem where it’s pure vs brain rot. Everyone and their grandmother is universe to outerverse level, they rely on dimension scaling, vague implications as WOG and an inmates running the asylum type of administration. VBW are pretty much the reason why “powerscalers” are looked at as cringey to casual viewers.
  15. OrlandoSky

    Kratos vs Madara

    If this is pre-Juubi Madara, he taps out at country level I think and that’s with his perfect susanoo. Kratos is continent level so he has a massive strength advantage. They’re both in the same speed range so if Madara gets too cocky and engages him in Base immediately, Kratos is gonna rip him apart. Bloodlusted he lasts longer because he presumably goes perfect susanoo, but he would have to rely more on his genjutsu and hashirama cells to stay alive because his love for close combat is gonna get him killed here.
  16. OrlandoSky

    Best and Worst Power-ups in Fiction

    One of the worst from me was Fused Zamasu becoming Infinite Zamasu, it was completely needless, his appearance is literally a poorly done jpeg in the background and it extended the length of an arc that was already too long and led to one of if not the worst arc resolutions in DB, with them just using Zeno as a ctrl+alt+delete for their problems and Trunks’ timeline. A runner up would be all of Natsu’s nakama power boosts and ability to power amp himself up with other elements even though his whole thing is fire. Meliodas is another one, I’m not sure if that counts though because every time he gets a power boost it’s not because he gets stronger but because “he’s unlocking more of true power from his prime demon days” or when Nakaba retconned his loss to Escanor as “him not going all out and letting his guard down” even though the dude practically flexed him into near death coma. Naruto and Sasuke’s SO6P power ups where they jump from kage level characters to untouchable...
  17. OrlandoSky

    Inquiry about FTL KE and relativity

    Ok, obviously if a character throws an object or a punch at a speed we know is FTL as a concussive force we can't calculate it because of the law of relativity. Making the calc for the force of the object unquantifiable unless by calculating the setting's collateral by the object (craters...
  18. OrlandoSky

    Yor Forger VS Killua Zoldyck (Hunter Exam arc)

    Durability is Wall level, Someone calced Yor's tennis ball feat with Fiona to be supersonic (vbw so take it with a grain of salt ofcourse) but all of her feats are pretty much casual so it doesn't necessarily contradict the higher end one with the volleyball.
  19. OrlandoSky

    Tsunade Vs Kakashi (War Arc)

    My mistake I thought he only spammed it until after taking some of the kyuubi’s chakra