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Bagramon (Digimon Xros Wars) vs Digimon Tamers Chosen Ultimates


Team Tamers includes Dukemon, Beelzebumon, Sakuyamon, SaintGalgomon, Justimon, and MarineAngemon.

No Card Slash, no Darkness Loader hax during the fight & only anime feats for Bagramon, the fight takes place in Tokyo. Three scenarios:

Scenario 1) Base Bagramon would face all of them in 1v1 & he gets healed after every fight, Grani and all possible mode changes are banned

Scenario 2) DarknessBagramon would face all of them at once, Crimson Mode is banned but Blast Mode & Grani are allowed

Scenario 3) DarknessBagramon would only face Dukemon CM now. Dukemon CM could get Zhuqiaomon & Qinglongmon as back up if he's in trouble

How would these go?
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Darknessbagramon stomp in round 2 and 3. He's far above the normal EoS Digimon anime protagonist tier.

The most debatable scenario is the 1, but at being 1 on 1 and him being recovered at the end of the previous one, he mostly defeat them.