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Circus of Humorous & Humiliating Arguments Part 5: Diamonds are fleeting. Stupid lasts forever


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Its been a year since a new thread was started. Now we start anew and fresh

Now lets be chill and just laugh at each other and other peoples stupidity alright?


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@King of time

you do know I can see them posts even if you delete em right?


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Ichigo isn’t Planet level anything. Senjumaru’s feat can be anywhere from Multi-Solar System level-Universe level+ and it’s not even the most impressive thing in the verse either, considering there are characters that can threaten the Dangai and Garganta.

People love to complain about “lack of onscreen feats”, as if that’s the only way to quantify power, but when they get those feats I hear a deafening silence for counter arguments. I’ve just seen cope since that episode came out tbh.

Anyone that thinks otherwise is welcome to put

Just like how Bleach fans on Fanverse go radio silent when claims like this are finally tested and Bleach gets put against settings that strong

Funny how it’s only against Naruto when they start arguing this


Thirteen prime



Reminded me of this:


Not a vsdebate but lmao this guy from twitter

PS5 owners are now treated like black people in 1939 USAWe are now 2nd class gamers and neither Sony or Square care about us anymoreJust like black people had to give up their civil rights, we PS gamers are having to forfeit our exclusives...And just like black people had to sit at the back of the bus or buy from the bad grocery store, we PS gamers have to buy the worse looking exclusives


but im gonna also put it the secondary for the three of them, so for
  • Cure Sky
  • Cure Prism
Small city level. Universal with the Miracle Lights.
Super Sentai
  • Kuwagata Ohger
  • Tombo Ohger
Kamen Rider
  • Kamen Rider Geats
  • Kamen Rider Tycoon
King-ohger is universal EOS. Geats is stronger IIRC.

Probably not, i mean to access universal feats he need
1: all the shugods (to become God King Ohger)
3: the king ohgers (the rangers/sentai)
So he definitly cant in this, but im still gonna give him his shugods along with tombo ohger shugods

No. Gira is universal because he has Dugded abilities and was created to become into something like the mad god. In fact, in an alternate continuity, Gira turns into the new Dugded. He doesn't need the others or the Shugods to become universe level.


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Bleach fans: OMG, Bleach is Solar System - Galaxy - Universal - Multiversal levels!!! Anyone saying otherwise is just coping and I’ll debate anyone to prove it!!

Okay. Makes thread putting them against an appropriate match to prove their point.

Bleach fans to that thread:


Funny how we are now getting the Stair Rail vs. Fate debates now...
Acheron bodying The Lion King or Surtr is just a hard no though.

The thing with Sunday depends on if you take him nearly becoming an Aeon fully seriously or the fact he was close to it must mean something for power. Again, it's funny they are pretending Kiara is somehow below him when they are on the same tier... with her FGO Feats.