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Dec 31, 2022
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Are you burned out from the last game?
why would I be? barely had to do anything lol
2. Grand Magic Games. These are the simple games that occur in a separate thread where players get the opportunity to climb a class and evolve their role. here is the day 1 game. day 1 will last 48 hours and is plurality. each day will have a different mini game
yeah I'm just not interested in this and don't want to be disadvantaged for not participating tbh
hey old pal
sup how's Sunderland doing


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Oct 20, 2021
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Your Heart
If this is hosted in April, I can play. I plan to be busy in May.
will start after its filled so late march or so yeah

Where’s my role @Ekkologix ?

Sign me up~
welcome to OLF!
this is the best site for playing mafia speaking site wise. its got dice who replied features and so many reactions to posts

ral (the admin) is also adding more stuff to help with mafia games lol


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Oct 3, 2021
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Fairy Tail Mafia

Start Date: After Ultra's game
Phase Length: 48 hours first day. 24 hours all other days. 24 hours all nights.
Game Type: Small-medium rolemadness (Think DDL's Tower of God and Gram's Game of Thrones)
Lynches: Plurality. Day 2 onwards players will have the option to [Vote End Day], requiring a majority vote
Claims: Role claiming is freely allowed using simple mafia terms. Flavor claiming or hinting is strictly prohibited

More information will be provided in the game thread.

NOTE - You do not need to know anything about Fairy Tail in order to participate in and enjoy the game.
The flavor is merely for the amusement of the weebs amongst you, including myself. It serves no real purpose in the gameplay.

Quick overview of special game mechanics and what to expect. More details in the game thread:

- There are 5 classes of mages in this game, in this order from weakest to strongest: Unranked, S Class, SS Class, 10-Year Class, and 100-Year Class. Most players in the game will start at the Unranked level, and will compete each day in the "Grand Magic Games" in order to promote to the next class.

- The Grand Magic Games will be a series of short, organized daily games that occur in a separate thread where players can optionally participate in if they want to advance to the next classes and strengthen their roles.
Day 1 Game: Hidden - without going into TOO much into details:

Each player is given 3 large identical boxes (Box 1, Box 2, Box 3) and a clone of themselves. During the first 24 hours of day 1, each player must submit in their role PM to hide themselves in one of the boxes, their clone in another box, and leave one box empty. If no submisison is made within the first 24 hous, you will instantly fail that game and remain Unranked cycle 1.

After the first 24 hours, Each player is given 5 Attack Shots that they can take throughout the day in the second thread by typing [Attack Box 1 Playername], [Attack Box 2 Playername], or [Attack Box 3 Playername].

If you shoot a box where a player is hidden, you will gain 2 points and that player will lose 1 point.
If you shoot a box where a clone is hidden, you will lose 1 point and that player will gain 1 point.
If you shoot an empty box, you just waste your attack.

A player may use all 5 shots if they want or use as many of them as they like. Sometimes using less shots may be more beneficial if you are afraid of shooting a clone. By the end of the day, all points gained by the players will be tallied and revealed and the top 50% of players will all pass and become S-Class, while the bottom 50% remain Unranked

During the entire 48 hours, you may use the second game thread to wifom or mess around with your opponent's mind regarding your shots or how you hid yourself in the boxes. The thread is open for you to do as you will so long as it's mini game related.

- Most roles in the game will be vanilla or near vanilla at the Unranked level. With each class a player climbs, their role will get slightly stronger. This could be via unlocking abilities or upgrading existing abilities as specified by the role.
Character Name

"character quote"

[Character Image]

Congratulations, you are Character Name, Fiore Aligned!

[S Class Active - Ability 1] - Once per night, you can target a player and motion track them, learning if they performed any action that night but NOT the type of the action nor its target.

At SS Class you will additionally learn the targets of the actions. At 10-Year Class, you will additionally learn the nature of the actions performed (protective, destructive, manipulative etc..).

[100-Year Class Active - Ultimate - Ability 2] - Once in the game, at night, you may activate this ability to use [Ability 1] on 2 players that night. This is an activated passive. [1-shot].

- There will be no hidden, bastard, or obscure game/role mechanics, and each role will clearly identify what upgrades or new abilities it will obtain with each new class it climbs. There will be no purely vanilla roles, however, the game will still mostly feel relatively on the low to medium end of role madness.

- There will be "Super Roles" in the game. These roles are slightly stronger than average and are valuable assets to their respective alignments.

- Each role in the game will have an "Ultimate" ability that can be unlocked by climbing classes as specified in the role itself. These abilities are slightly stronger than normal and can be impactful game-changers if used correctly.

- This game will be a standard multiball, featuring 2 mafia factions that CANNOT win with each other by any means:
--- The primary town faction in this game is Fiore
--- The primary mafia factions in this game are Alvarez Empire and Balam Alliance
--- There may or may not be independents on the battlefield

Sign-Ups [26 Players]:
1. @RDK
3. @Aurelian
4. @Dr_Professor83
5. @Black Pegged Dragon
6. @Kobe
7. @Psychic
8. @Gadministraitor
9. @Xadlin
11. @Magic
12. @Fujishiro
13. @RÆM
14. @Ruffles
15. @One Last Username
16. @Poison
17. @MangoSenpai
18. @Lord Melkor
19. @Hayumi
20. @Juliet
21. @John Wayne
22. @Natalija
23. @Ratchet



not auto signing me. #2


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Oct 3, 2021
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Sorry mate, still got chips on my shoulders but it’s a lot less chips than last time so we’ll get there one day

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Dec 30, 2022
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Guess I have to stay in this game considering we got some off-site friends playing here for the first time.