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Solar Sailor

Oct 1, 2021
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Some short poems I wrote while staying at Washington DC

Forgotten Pain

Every moment faded from the mind
Memories I promised to keep were silent
And the only proof that they ever existed
Were the tears that wounded my core
I cried over a ghost,

I ache for a loss that I don’t remember
Alone in a moment that drags forever
I speak without a voice
Nothing I say can console me

The morning sun fades
And my lonely mind
Couldn’t find the light
I’m lost
I’m drowning
And I don’t know why

They used to call this a victory
To live so long
That you forget every moment
That ever meant a thing to you

Come and see
Live forever
Bury you sons
Bury your daughters
And live long enough to forget their names
Call it a victory
As you cry over a ghost

Solar Sailor

Oct 1, 2021
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Undeserved Apology

I apologize instinctively
Even when I’m the one who’s been hurt
Even when I’m the one abandoned and scorned

I lose sleep over this weakness
Ebbing my core with lies of an unearned guilt
Even when I have done nothing but breathe in your direction

I apologized for existing
Apologize for resisting
For resisting
the idea that I was not at fault

My soul speaks in apologies to the ears of those who have done nothing—
but ignore my voice.
And my treacherous heart whispers to my soul that I’m the only one at fault.

I am the only thing that I can control.
So why can’t I control my weakness?
Why do I cave and give in without a fight?
Because I could lose?
Because I will?

This costs me my life. My soul and spirit. Will it cost me my dreams as well?
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