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Super Sentai Respect Thread. (Feats and discussion)


Is this particular Sentai series set/focused mostly on Earth, or does it also include space travel? That could be useful to determine whether that description implies the dimension is the size of the Earth or the universe.
Is focused on Earth unlike its American counterpart. But the Megaranger fought Bee Nejire on space, in the Van Allen belts and they went to the Moon several times.

In episode 39, Kenta traveled from Earth to the Moon in seconds to get some moon rocks for a little girl.

The villains teleport from Nejire Dimension to human dimension. This is the only part of the dimension that is shown on the series, when Grand Nejiro appears on screen.



Also, when Nejire Dimension dissapeared, Grand Nejiros appeared in space at the moment and the green part turned normal.

Megaranger never went to Nejire Dimension and they even don't know who Javious is.


Boonboomger 08.

The leader of the Hasshiliens is mentioned. He is called Waruido Spindo. According to Madrex, he is stronger than him, obviously. And too big for the universe. This doesn't mean he can change size like Dagded or is the same size as Exhaust. But this is a hint that the main villain will be an universal threat.



The clash between Madrex and BunRed creates a fire that covers almost all the warehaouse they're fighting in. Later, the clash of their attacks creates a sonic boom that puts out the fire.

The villains has cages that blocks the transformation of the Boon boomgers.

Madrex destroys the ceiling of the warehouse when he turns giant.

Madrex can turn his drill weapon into a motorcycle. The cycle is too fast even for Boonboomger Robo Police.

Madrex easily defeats Robo Police and Boonboom Shovel. BunRed uses a new form, Boonboomger Robo Puncher. The battle ends in a draw, but BunRedf is badly injured while Madrex was ok after the fight.

Taiya's dream is to run in the Big Bang Grand Prix, a race that takes place in outer space.


Bunbumger (Yes, this is the official name now) 09.

Taiya's dream was originally Bundario Bumderas's dream. He got his licence revoked and wandered the universe. He had an accident and crashed on Earth.


Mad Rex can fight and defeat 4 of the Bunbumger. BunPink and Orange attacked Mad Rex in the air and forced him to land. Mad Rex made a crack on the ground.



Mad Rex uses Hot Deathrod to defeat the Bunbumger and undoes their transformation.




Taiya appears and the five fight Mad Rex. The five warriors can fight and damage Mad Rex. Mad Rex is forced to become a giant.

Bunbumger form Bunbumger Robo Knight (no relation to Megaforce's Robo Knight) and destroys Mad Rex (Hiroshi Kamiya has to go to Kinnikuman to voice Ashuraman). Maybe he will return later in the series).

With Mad Rex's death, ends the first arc of Bunbumger. In episode 10 the second arc will appear and Go-on Red will appear. Maybe we will have universal level enemies in the second arc or the Bunbumger will fight the remnants of Gaiark?


Bunbumger 10.

Genba's mission is to deliver a energy source that can destroy everything with a huge explosion if it touches the ground.
Koinobori Grumer can shoot lasers that make its targets float in the air.



Joe cleans a room very fast.

Koinobori Grumer can shoot energy Koi called Koi Bomber. He can also dodge attacks by dancing. Koinobori Grumer uses a staff for close fight. He can make bigger the wheels attached to the staff.

Genba defeats a group of Nejiretta in seven seconds.

Boonboomger Robo Builder Wagon Custom defeats giant Koinobori Grumer in one punch.


Bunbumger 11.

The replacement for Mad Rex is Cannonborg. Gender unknown thanks to its modifications. He is from planet Needham and made all those modifications in its body for its boss. Toei choose Kujira, Orochimaru's voice actress, because of her voice.


Cannonborg is so fast he scared its minions.

Antenna Grumer can attach antennas on people and control them thanks to the antennas.


Antenna Grumer couldn't defeat the Bunbumger (minus Red). But, thanks to the modifications Cannonborg made in secret, Antenna Grumer defeated and took control of the Bunbumgers. This puts the monster of the week in Mad Rex level.



It seems that Red and Orange are the strongest of the team since they can fight Pink, Blue and Black. Also, the morpher emits a signal that hacks Antenna Grumer's signal.


Bunbumger Robo blocked Antenna Grumer's sound waves with a smoke screen. The mecha defeated him easily.

Next week, crossover with Go-onger (Only Red appears). Maybe they need to improve ratings.


Bunbumger's Sixth Ranger foreshadowing?? (The tyre with the number 2):

Also, this. Issei Takahashi, the actor who portrayed Kai, Bandora's son and Spiritus in Dissidia, married the actress who portrayed Kyoryu Violet.
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Both of EoS Donbrothers and EoS King-Ohger comparable to each other in 14:59-20:20
The same can be said for Kyoryuger, who in this movie fight, alongside King-ohger, against the Jesters and alternate Gira.
I'm surprised Gira died by choking with mocchi despite being immortal.

Triple Accel 555

the battle beetwen Evil Gira vs King is destroy Planet.
Dugded> Kyoryu Red Kyoryu Gold and Purple. Kyoryu Red can injured Dugded but the latter is still better than him
Altenate evil gira can destroy dugded with his human form. In order to take him down King with Prince along with Gira need to work together.


the battle beetwen Evil Gira vs King is destroy Planet.
Dugded> Kyoryu Red Kyoryu Gold and Purple. Kyoryu Red can injured Dugded but the latter is still better than him
Altenate evil gira can destroy dugded with his human form. In order to take him down King with Prince along with Gira need to work together.
Dugded has the ability to send people to any era. He uses this ability to send Violet and Gold to Prince's era.
Also, Plezuon has time travel abilities.
Daigo was trapped by Dugded in amber. He was freed when he was killed in the last episode. Daigo can hear the voice of his son in the alternate timeline. So, he used Minongan, who was frozen in the series to travel to the alternate timeline and save his son and comrades.
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Bunbumger 12.

Cannonborg can create Grumers too.

Geta Grumer can turn shoes into getas. He can create 100-ton geta (each geta weights 50 tons). Bunbumgers can move with them on their feet.




Speedor was hurt by Cannonborg when they both arrived to Earth. Because of this, Speedor can turn into giant. Despite being hurt, Speedor can fight against Geta Grumer.


Geta Grumer manages to trap Go-on Red with 100-ton getas. But Sosuke can move easily with them and defeat Geta Grumer with the help of Speedor.

In giant form, Geta Grumer can put heavy getas on souls. It seems that Geta Grumer has some kind of gravity ability.


Speedor can access Highway Dimension. Makes sense since he can travel between Worlds. Bunbumger Robo defeated Geta Grumer with the help of Engine-Oh.

Speedor came to Earth to invite the Go-onger to Machfalcon's wedding. They forgot to invite the Gokaiger or didn't want to invite them? Also, is this a foreshadowing for Go-onger 15th anniversary?

BTW, there are rumors that Right from ToQger will appear in Bunbumger.


Some interesting info I found about Kakure Daishogun and Muteki Daishogun from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


Muteki Daishogun has the ability to absorb the heat around himself and turn it into the source of his flame sword attacks. He also works when five minds (the Kakuranger) are mixed. It is also mentioned that his body has infinite energy created by the minds of the Kakurangers. The part of Muteki Daishogun that is marked with the number 6 allows the mecha to transmit the thoughts of its brain at lightspeed. He was defeated by Gashadokuro when he used part of Daimaoh's power.


Kakure Daishogun is stronger than Muteki Daishogun, since he killed Gashadokuro. Kumard's eyes allows him to read every movement in 1/100th of a second. Being able to read every movement in 1/100th of a second means that Kumard’s eyes can perceive movements at a speed of 100 frames per second (fps). This is significantly faster than the average human eye, which is typically capable of perceiving motion up to 30 to 60 fps. Kakure Daishogun also has infinite energy produced in Gammer's left leg. Kakure Daishogun also has anti-gravity mechanisms in Saruder and Gammer that allows him to move faster and jump higher.



It seems that Ultimate Daizyujin has the ability to go to different dimensions. It is explained in the part surrounded by the red circle. That explains why Bandora trapped them in crystal spheres inside her demi-void.



Ohranger Robo can also absorb TH energy from its surroundings thanks to OhBlue's mecha. That part sends the TH Energy to the rest of the body. That part produces 25 million horsepower.

Updated the post with info about Ohranger's suits.

The suit is made with cermet that absorbs harshness and heat. It also protects the user from heat, but has its limits as it was shown when the Ohrangers were sent to the Sun and they suffered from the Sun's high temperatures. The suit can also absorb Tetrahydrane energy (TH energy I mentioned earlier in this post) and turn it into Choriki.

The suit has 5 layers and the first one protects the user from pressure.
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Here is info about the Super Sentai multiverse.

Is the world of Super Sentai connected?

Yes. It's true. But only for Gokaiger.

And certain ocassions. Like, for example, Denjiman and Sun Vulcan. And Gaoranger/Hurricanger and Hurricanger/Abaranger. The crossover is confirmed canon in the last episode of Abaranger. It is also canon in Dekaranger world thanks to Dekaranger vs Abaranger.

Inside the red circle are Wendinu and Furabijou. Abaranger vs Hurricanger is only canon for Abaranger and maybe Dekaranger. In Hurricanger 10th anniversary movie, Hurricangers are shocked to see Furabijou and Wendinu. And in the Boukenger vs Super Sentai, Chronos resurrects Furabijou in the same place the Hurricangers destroyed her and Wendinu.

There is also the case of the dinosaur extinction. In Liveman, there were killed by a meteor, except for Gon, who was killed in the present because of a time travel plan orchestrated by Doctor Obler. In Zyuranger, they were killed by Bandora. In Abaranger, most of them were transported to Dino Earth and envolved into Bakuryuu. In Boukenger, the Hyde Gene was the responsible of their extinction. In Go-onger, Horonderthal killed them. In Kyoryuger, they were wiped out by the Zetsumates trio of the Deboss Army: Debo Hyogakki, Debo Viruson, Debo Nagareboshi. Kyoryuger had a crossover with Zyuranger and Abaranger, but the matter wasn't brought up. And they were killed by a meteor in Ryusoulger.

Also, in Kiramager exists the corporation that created the Gekiranger's suits and arsenal. King-ohger met with the Kyoryuger and recently, Sosuke appeared in Bunbumger.

There is also the matter with Captain Marvelous and Yamato from Zyuohger. Their meeting was acknowledged in Super Sentai Decissive Battle. This means that, somehow, Gokaiger traveled to Zyuohger world. Or there are Gokaiger in Zyuohger world.
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A story from Zyuranger. In these scans it is explained how the war between the Zyuranger and the Bandora gang started. It is also the only appearance of Princess Yu, the sister Geki mentioned early in the series.


Bandora was about to destroy the kingdoms of Lythia and Sharma. But was stopped by the appearance of the 5 Guardian Beasts. If they didn't stop Bandora, she could have destroyed the whole planet.
Daizyujin has the power to send people to another planet. He sends Bandora and her gang to planet Nemesis and sealed them there. Also, Princess Yu is still alive but her whereabouts are uknown.
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Bunbumger 13.

Cannonborg created Bunbum Killer Robo and a dark version of Bunbum Changer.

BunBum Killer Robo is armed with a speaker that steals the energy from the Bunbumger and thoses who poses as them.

Taiya created Bunbum Safari and Marine based on Speedor, Sosuke's Engine.

Bunbumger formed Bunbumger Robo Safari to defeat Bunbum Killer Robo.


Reference to Nanami from Hurricanger. This is Shinobi Koi, Nanami's debut song. This means that Hurricanger also exist in this world?


Bun Violet will appear in episode 16. Sakito's name is a pun on Circuit while Bun Diesel's name is a pun on actor Vin Diesel, and maybe, the diesel oil. Bun Diesel is voiced by Natsuki Hanae, who voices adult Taichi Yagami in Digimon Tri and Last Kizuna. Funny, because Bumderas is voiced by Rika Matsumoto, who voiced Ash/Satoshi in Pokémon (and Bakura in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters).


Info on Battle Fever Robo.

The mecha is made of ISO alloy, heated at 50 degrees Celsius. Even though it weighs 3000 tons, the Battle Fever Robo is still a light robot.

Total height: 58m
Weight: 3000t
Flight speed: Mach 10
Output: 5 million hp/t
The scan also mentions that Battle France is the fastest member of the team.