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Oct 3, 2021
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Who is a traitor and who is faithful?​

This game is based on the Hit TV show "The Traitors".
The Traitors Mafia game is set to be a “deliciously dangerous” game with “deception, lies and betrayal”
The basic structure is this: 16 contestants are sequestered in a castle. Some of them are designated as traitors.
Under the cover of darkness, the Traitors will murder the Faithful one by one in a treacherous spree while the players try to uncover the Traitors and banish them from the game by voting them out.

0. Don't argue with the host, Imagine?
1. Mafia are Traitors and Town are Faithful, You have to use these terms. fr fr ong
2. We should have some standard rules? follow those. (no editing/deleting posts, dont talk about game elsewhere ect.)
3. Do not request to be repped out in the thread.

Game Rules
1. The game will be majority lynch during the day and plurality lynch at the end of the day.
2. Votes will be sent via PM and locked once submitted.
3. The phases are: Day (Day+Twilight), Night (Action Submission).
4. Phase length is 24/24.
5. Night posting is NOT allowed.
6. Players are expected to post content at least 4 times per day.
7. Game has full flips - not a bastard game.
8. Character and flavor claims ARE allowed but.... secrets.
9. Some players will have a role others are vanilla.
10. 13 town and 3 mafia with the possibility of a recruit.
11. The setup is semi open to a degree and will be faithful to the show.

Some examples of the mechanics -​
The shield - This item will be passed around by the players protecting them from a kill each night. If it falls into a traitor they will have to pass it to a faithful the following day.
The Recruitment - The traitors may attempt to recruit twice in the game, they wont be able to kill the night they attempt to recruit. The faithfulls will learn when a recruitment has happened and they will obtain a special invest role.
+ other surprises based on the Show!
  1. Action Copy - Actions that copy other actions. (e.g. An Action Copier targets another player to copy any actions that player takes during that Night.)
  2. Commute/Hide - Actions that prevent targeting. (e.g. A Commuterizer targets another player to make that player unable to target or be targeted by actions until the end of that Night.)
  3. Strong Actions - Actions that cannot be prevented or redirected. (e.g. A Mafia Strongman targets a non-Mafia player with the Mafia factional kill.)
  4. Swapping (Bus Drive) - Actions that swap targets of multiple other actions. (e.g. A Bus Driver targets two players to swap any actions targeting each of them to the other.)
  5. Vanillaize - Actions that remove a player's abilities. (e.g. A Temporary Vanillaizer targets another player to make them Vanilla until the end of that Night.)
  6. Roleblock - Actions that prevent other action(s). (e.g. A Roleblocker targets another player to prevent any actions that player would take during that Night.)
  7. Redirect - Actions that change target(s) of other actions (but don't swap them). (e.g. A Redirector targets two other players to make any actions the first player would take target the second player instead of any other target.)
  8. Protect - Actions that protect player(s) from kills. (e.g. A Doctor targets another player to protect them from being killed during that Night.)
  9. Miscellaneous - Actions that don't fit into any other type. (e.g. A Fruit Vendor gives another player a piece of fruit, an item that has no discernible value.)
  10. Kill - Actions that kill player(s). (e.g. A member of the Mafia faction targets a non-Mafia player with the Mafia factional kill.)
  11. Recruit - Actions that change the faction of player(s). (e.g. A Cult Leader targets another player to recruit them into the cult.)
  12. Misc Inspect - Actions that learn information about anything other than players or actions taken. (e.g. A Setup Oracle asks the host a yes/no question about the setup.)
  13. Player Inspect - Actions that learn information about players. (e.g. An Alignment Cop targets another player to learn that player's alignment.)
  14. Action Inspect - Actions that learn informations about other action(s) taken. (e.g. A Tracker targets another player to learns who that player targeted during that Night.)
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