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Who's your favorite Tokyo Revengers character?

Chairman Nibel

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Hello! I was reading back at Tokyo Revengers lately and I'm still impressed by how cool certain characters were in it.
I was wondering who's everyone favorite character. Here are mine:

1. Takemichi
This guy is soooo cooooool! He shows so much panels of emotions through the whole manga. His determination is the highest I've ever seen in a manga. Sometime looks like a crybaby and sometimes he's just the fucking boss.

2. Draken
Mikey's second. His best friend and most loyal member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He's the big brother you ever wanted to have. He's badass and really strong. I love this guy so much.

3. Mikey
By far the strongest character of the series. The second most important character in Tokyo Revengers after Takemichi. He's incredible and adds so much authenticity to the manga. Even if there are some things that I don't appreciate in this character, he deserves the 3rd place.

4. Taiju
My favorite "antagonist" in the series! He's very strong and probably the most confident character of Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi vs Taiju probably is the best fight of the series.

5. Kisaki
An excellent antagonist. Clearly not the strongest but the most intriguing. He makes me crazy. He could have been 4th if Taiju didn't exist.

Honorable mentions: Baji, Sanzu, Senju, Hanma, Inupi, South, Chifuyu, Kakucho, Izana and Mitsuya.
Probably I forgot mentioning some but these clearly are my favorites.