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Ral wrote on Bump's profile.
@JadedLawliet let's harass Bump until he replies :LOS
King of time wrote on seth's profile.
Why do you judge me as Eye Roll.:becel
Goth Boy wrote on Cubey's profile.
Slow mo.
What, what?
When the tempo slows up and creates that new, new.
What, what?
He seems alive though he is feeling blue.
What, what?
The sun is shining. Man, he's super cool, cool
The lonely nights.
What, what?
They fade away he slips into his white Nikes.
What, what?
He smokes a clip and then he's on the way.
What, what?
Ral wrote on .guillo's profile.
Ral wrote on JadedLawliet's profile.
:catjamn :catjamn :catjamn