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There are many Spiders of Bigness, each bigger than an island of Cyclades, which weave a web so the Moon can go to war with the Sun. The smallest of the islands of Cyclades is Donousa, which has a width and length of 5km (or 5000m). The huntsman spider, which is found in many varieties around...
Stocking Anarchy
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The Outskirts Battledome (OBD)
The giant finger explodes and Hooty protects Luz and King from the explosion. Eda is 7'5'' tall (2.2606m)... ...which will very much come in handy for any other scaling we need to do. Starting now, scaling Luz & King's heights. 552 pixels = 2.2606m 1 pixel = 2.2606m/552 = 0.00409528986m...
The Moon Hater unleashes an energy beam of 1.21 gigawatts (that being 1.21e+9 joules, or 0.2891969407266 tons of TNT). The calcs do themselves sometimes. Final Results Goliathon 800 Moon Hater Death Ray (per second) = 0.289 of TNT
A rockbreaker breaks into the Tanuk arena, throwing up boulders and logs on the way in so the rebels can attack (at high speeds too). The average height of a person is 1.7m. 111 pixels = 1.7m 1 pixel = 1.7m/111 = 0.0153153153m 0.0153153153m X 546 = 8.36216215m 8.36216215m/2 = 4.18108107m...
The Collector stops the Day of Unity by moving the Moon out of the eclipse. The Moon has a diameter of 3475km and a weight of 7.3 x 10^22. Timeframe is 19 frames (With a framerate of 30 frames per second). T = 1s/30 = 33.3333333ms X 19 = 0.633333333s 120 pixels = 3475km 1 pixel =...