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GaoGaiGar feats, lore & respect discussion

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The origin of Zonder Metal. Originally, it was made on the Purple Planet of the Trinary Solar System to eliminate negative emotions. However, over time the master program in charge of the Zonder Metal would go out of control. As such, countless planets began to die out like cells under attack by a pathogen.





We see what looks to be various different planets swallowed up by the master program (which will later come to be known as the Z-Master).

Mamoru and Kaidou are described as the vaccines protecting the lifeform known as outer space.

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King J-Der destroys two of the Moon Primevals (this is before the Braves are boosted by ZA POWAH). Thus even without ZA POWAH King J-Der is moon/planet level.


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The Primevals created a warped Kein Space in which they trapped J-Der and the Gutsy Galaxy Guard.





King J-Der destroys the Klein Space with a J-Quarth.

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The Z-Master controls all Zonders and Zonderians in the Universe. It was impossible to defeat from the outside (even with the heroes empowered by ZA POWAH), so it had to be destroyed from the inside.
A program system that controls the Zonder and Zonderian of the entire universe as a perfection that is a collection of all original species. All 31 Mecha Pure-breeds were regenerated by the action of The Power, and it was the Heart Pure-breed that controlled them from within the Z-Master. Not only can it use the abilities of all 31 original species, but it also absorbs The Power from Jupiter, making it almost impossible to defeat it from the outside. Therefore, the heroes try to invade the body and defeat the Heart Purebred, which is the control tower.

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The replica GaoGaiGar was able to stop the Goldion Hammer with its Hell and Heaven and damage it.

GaoFighGar destroys the fake GaoGaiGar with Courage.

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Goldion Hammer (wielded by a mind controlled Gai) and J-Quarth clash.

The Goldion Hammer begins to overwhelm J-Quarth.

All of the replica Brave Robots are able to temporarily hold Goldion Hammer back.

Replica Goldymarg sacrifices himself, which wipes out all of the replica Repair Tools and even the replica Orbit Base (Pia Dekem with shields is able to withstand wave).

J-Quarth has the power to destroy moons/planets (even without ZA POWAH), so this would scale directly to all of the Brave Robos.

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Soul Wave rips apart a good portion of the replica Moon and destroys the G-Crystal.

The Concentrated Soul Wave blasts Genesic GaiGar, and Mamoru is able to block one of the Soul Wave energy bolts (for some time too).

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Here we have it; the Final chapter of GaoGaiGar vs Betterman! To the keen eye, you might notice that GaoGaiGar and Betterman have yet to clash...

All of the Braves who fought against the 11 Planetery Masters of Sol and saved the Universe have returned.
The Braves and agents of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard, which left on a journey to save the entire universe ten years ago, have all returned!
Wielding a planet-sized Phantom Ring, GaoGaiGar pushed back the energy of Triple Zero which threatened all life in the Universe.
At the Antarctic battlefield, King of Ruin Genesic used the last of its strength to open a dimensional gate so that Triple Zero could stream in. In response to this crisis threatening all life in the universe, all of humanity’s wisdom and courage was amassed into a satellite orbit-sized Phantom Ring! The ultimate Broken Phantom pushed Triple Zero back beyond the dimensional gate, and at last the lengthy war came to an end…
Mikoto as Zonuda threatened to wipe out all humanity via matter sublimation.
The Machine New Species — the ultimate machine lifeform, which appeared at the end of the Primeval War. In 2003, EI-01 came in and implanted its seed in Utsugi Mikoto, which then manifested after a three-year incubation period. Mikoto became the Machine New Species and nearly annihilated mankind via matter sublimation.
The Brave Robos had gone beyond their limit trying to push Orbit Base back into orbit, but most of them had now been repaired.
The Brave Robo Corps had gone beyond their limits trying to push Orbit Base back up to satellite orbit when it was going to crash onto Earth. But after some mending and maintenance, most of the units were in good enough shape to show up here. The exceptions were Genesic Galeon and the Genesic Machines, which hadn’t yet recovered from the damage that Triple Zero’s corruption had dealt. Then there was Gordo, better known as Goldy Double Marg. Goldy had been blown apart after defending GaoGaiGar from a heavy blow from King of Ruin Genesic, and as of yet it was still uncertain whether he could be repaired.
Gai and Mamoru have no issues surviving in the vacuum of space. They commumicate with Galeon without speaking, transmitting their thoughts and feelings via the G-Stone.
GGG Orbit Base’s No. 3 Deck finished decompressing. The outer wall hatch unlocked, opening up into outer space. The only thing in the vacuum was a robotic lion — the mecha space lion, Galeon. Not for long, though: two figures floated up alongside Galeon in disregard of the hostile environment.

“…Thanks for everything, Galeon.”

“When you get back, say hi to grade-school me.”

Shishioh Gai and Amami Mamoru spoke to him. Not out loud, though. Sound didn’t travel here. Their bodies glowing green with the power of the G-Stone, the two of them said their goodbyes in their hearts.
After being exposed to Triple Zero, the picture within the pendant Mikoto gave to Gai changes.
“Not just that… there’s this photo, too…”

Mikoto opened up the pendant to reveal a photo of herself in her high school uniform. Now Gai was dumbfounded.

“Why is this photo in it…!?”

There was good reason for Gai’s astonishment. This photograph had been in the pendant that Mikoto had given him when they were eighteen. Gai had treasured the pendant and kept it on his person even after he became a cyborg. Except… during the battle against the Machine New Species Zonuda Robo, everything changed matter states, and this pendant too was no more. Afterwards, Mikoto bought the same kind of pendant and gave it to Gai again. This time, it had a photo of her in GGG uniform at age 21. Gai had been wearing this second pendant after they set of for Repli-Earth. It couldn’t have been the original pendant with 18-year-old Mikoto’s photograph in it.

“How’s this even possible…?”
This is because Triple Zero reverts everything it touches to its natural/original state, and as thus put back the pendent the way it was remembered rather than the way it was.
“So that’s what happened. This pendant made it to Orange Site with us, then…” Realization dawned upon Gai as he listened to Mikoto. The Triple Zero that saturated Orange Site regenerated everything it touched into its “natural state”. Just as Goldy had been part of the Goldion Crusher as its control AI, but had turned back into his Brave Robo form. Which meant that the pendant’s natural state was the state it had been in when Mikoto first handed it to him.

So rather than reverting its material state, it’s restored according to how the owner remembers it… thought Gai, before remembering something. During the Primeval War, only when he was in space, his cyborg body alone perceived his mother. At those times, his mother Kizuna looked like her youthful self and was split into three different forms based on her emotions. This phenomenon had been caused by THE POWER, a mere fraction of Triple Zero. But perhaps it would be beyond the capacity of humans to delimit the untold principles by which cosmic law’s regeneration worked.
Due to using the Tempus Seed to return Galeon to his original time, there are now two versions of Rice (one of which is a temporal clone).
“Exactly so. The two of us are the same being, only with slightly offset phases. We’re both the real deal.”

Rakan nodded with understanding. “Mmm… in simple terms, the Rice who has just appeared is one who has waded back through time using Tempus.”
“That’s correct. I went to the past with the mechanical lion and corrected the flow of history. Afterwards, the Tempus seed brought me back to this time,” Rice said proudly.

Beside him, an annoyed Rice supplied “But this one mistook when the right time was. He was supposed to return to a moment in time after he departed, but came back before he left instead…”

“Dearie me! Since the me here hasn’t gone to the past yet, there are two of us present at the same time. What strange tricks the flow of time plays…!”
After King J-Der destroyed the Magicient Primeval Fusion on the Moon, the entire battlefield on the lunar surface had been transformed into a featureless plain.
In 2005, during the Primeval War, the 31 Machine Primevals landed here. This was when six of the Magnificent 7 Primevals who attacked GGG Orbit Base had fused with military ships and then with each other. The Primeval Fusion was destroyed by GGG and King J-Der after a fierce battle, but the lunar terrain was greatly altered as a result. The whole battlefield became a featureless plain.
The Earth has been almost wiped out on multiple occassions.
Earth had been nearly wiped out by Primevals, Planetary Masters, and Ruin Apostles on multiple occasions, but it had avoided the same fate as the Red Planet.
The Alpes Base on the Moon has been transformed, and is mass producing Zonder Robos.
“Incoming telephoto footage from the data probe. Projecting it now!” Entohji brought it up on display. The probe had sent them back an orange vision of hell. The observation base constructed on the lunar plain was radiating a dawn-colored aura and had mutated into a grotesque form. Actually, it was continuing to mutate as they spoke.

“The pattern distribution… matches that of a mass Zero Robo outbreak…” Hinoki picked back up with her report, which matched exactly with what they were seeing. The U.N. Alpes Base had been corroded by Triple Zero and was mass-producing Zero Robos!
J-Soldat and the Brave Robos have no issue withstanding the sudden acceleration which ordinary humans wouldn't be able to withstand.
On the bridge, Soldato J swung his right arm, cueing the super dreadnought to ramp up its impulse drive to the max and speed towards the moon. Ordinary humans wouldn’t be able to withstand the sudden acceleration, but the cyborg warrior and Brave Robos weren’t inconvenienced by it. In no time at all, the giant warship was far enough away from Orbit Base that it looked like just another bit of stardust.
Within the Genesic Machines are manmade neural networks that artificially recreate organic brains, likely far beyond that of a human brain. However, as an added result, it takes even longer for them to repair. This is among the most advanced technology of the Trinary Solar System.
“The Genesic Machine control cores are some of the Trinary Solar System’s most advanced technology. We can be sure that they’re repairing and reconstructing themselves even as we speak! Yet still…”

“They have manmade neural networks that artificially recreate organic brains… in fact, I can imagine that they’re on a level far beyond our own.” Hinoki, the biological engineer, supplied extra information. “But as the system gets more advanced, it needs exponentially more time, correct?”

“It’s just as Hinoki-kun says… it could take days, months, or even longer. I can’t even begin to guess…”
Wadatsumi can reach the Moon in 40 minutes (from whereever it's located).
On the other side of the window glass, they could see Yang directing the maintenance staff, not stopping for even a moment. He replied into his microphone headset, which then relayed the message through the communicator. “…They’re going steadily. At maximum Lepton Traveler acceleration, we have 40 minutes until the Wadatsumi reaches the moon. We should have it all done by then… no, we will get it done.”
J-Ark meanwhile, is able to reach the Moon from the Earth's orbits in just a matter of minutes. What's more the Brave Robo Corps are completely unphased by the acceleration that normal humans wouldn't even be able to withstand.
Zooming through interstellar space at maximum combat speed, the super dreadnought was on an entirely different class of velocity compared to the Division ships. The J-Ark cleared the distance between Earth orbit and the lunar surface in a matter of minutes and was the first to reach the U.N. Alpes Base zone.

“…What is that!?” came a cry of astonishment from ShouChouRyuuJin, tightly secured to the deck. Normal humans wouldn’t be able to withstand this extreme acceleration, but the hardy Brave Robo Corps weren’t affected in the slightest. What gave the Brave Robos such a shock was the vastly changed appearance of the U.N. Alpes Base.
King of Ruin Betterman Cataphract, the King of Ruin of the Blue Planet, is the most powerful and conclusive enemy facing the final GaoGaiGar.
At the most threatening, most powerful, most conclusive enemy awaiting the final GaoGaiGar. Clad in illusory dawn-colored flames… the figure of Betterman Cataphract!
Hiigari is able to wrench open the closed bulkhead of Orbit Base, while Yewya handles the motion sensors and Lamia the witnesses.
The abnormal event on GGG Orbit Base which had rendered the Gao Machines and Kakuseijin V2 inoperable had been instigated by these seven Somniums. They had entered the space station through an ST Bypass which Sara had opened with a Socius seed, and once Hiiragi had wrenched open the closed bulkhead with his monstrous strength, they infiltrated the hangar. They had used their Pectofores powers — Yewya handling the motion sensors and Lamia handling the witnesses — to eliminate any record or recollection of their presence. After that, Rakan used his Sanctus to fuse a hard-twisted substance to the Gao Machines’ Liquid and the Kakuseijin V2’s Linker Gel, knocking them out of commission. Meanwhile, Rice and Gajumaru carried out a similar task aboard the Kanayago, resulting in the present state of affairs…
Between Ortus and Triple Zero, Betterman Cataphract had formed the ultimate Betterman without limits.
Ortus was a seed that Lamia had only devoured once, back when he excised the root of evil called Kankel. It was one of the seeds that Lamia had a tolerance for, and was a special Animus that could be formed by synthesizing three powerful Forte seeds. Rakan’s arts had made obtaining Fortes a simple task, providing them with these scarce seeds. Ortus was particularly taxing on Somnium bodies, to the point where after transforming, they fell into a long sleep that was difficult to wake up from independently. Nonetheless, between Ortus and Triple Zero, they had now formed an ultimate Betterman without limits. To reign victorious in the fated battle now upon them, Lamia had chosen the most better option available to them — and this was its manifestation.
Betterman Cataphract dodges the J-Quarth so fast that even the lightspeed soldier J-Soldat is astounded.
Cataphract dodged the J-Quath so quickly that even the lightspeed soldier Soldato J was astonished.
Despite being wrapped in Triple Zero (or the Dawn Aura as they call it), the Somniums haven't been corrupted by it.
“It would seem you have misunderstood…” Deliberately not going on the defensive, Lamia’s calm thoughts flowed into Soldato J. They carried no hint of agony. “…Our souls have not been devoured by the Dawn Aura.”
The impact of Betterman Cataphracts blows against King J-Ders Generating Armour is described as being immeasurable. J-Soldat is refered to as a visitor from another dimension.
“GUUUUUHHHH!” Though the Generating Armor defended it, the impact from being pelted by these attacks was still immeasurable. Even so, the giant mechanoid withstood them without flinching.

“Hoh, quite impressive. I should expect no less from the visitor from another dimension!”
All the Genesic Machines fly at speeds surpasing that of the Wadatsumi.
“…The Genesic Machines!” Big Volfogg, still knocked down on the lunar surface, exclaimed in wonder upon seeing the 6-on-6 clashes unfolding above. After the six pilots had performed Fusion, all the Genesic Machines launched from the Wadatsumi and flew in at speeds surpassing the Lepton Traveler’s own.
Having her mind linked to a Genesic neural network, Hinoki directly has tons of advanced alien knowledge flow straight into her brain, with which humanity can advance their own technology by leaps and bounds.
“Hyaaah, Linker Gel is great stuff! It holds up even when the Gs are this rough!” Having withstood the high level of Gs, Keita hollered excitedly inside Spiral Gao. Yang and his crew had filled up each unit with more than enough Linker Gel not just to keep the machine-organic neurotransmission running smoothly, but to absorb shocks as well. Otherwise, Keita and Hinoki with their unenhanced bodies wouldn’t be able to endure combat maneuvers.

“So this is a neural network with an alien civilization… a huge load of information is steadily flowing into me…!” Hinoki was stimulated in a different fashion than Keita. The act of Fusion had connected Straight Gao’s control core to her cranial nerves, and now a flood of profound knowledge was surging through her brain. Her biological engineer instincts were speaking to her. If she could systematically elucidate all of this later on, human civilization would no doubt progress by leaps and bounds!
Betterman and GaoGaiGar seem to be evenly matched.
In the moon’s skies danced a band of six grotesque creatures and a corps of six alien machines. The forefront of organic evolution and the endpoint of mechanical civilization, each the embodiment of power beyond compare. Speed against speed, power against power; the five pairs seemed to be evenly matched, but one pair alone had an overwhelming difference between them.
The power of Triple Zero combined with the Ortus Seed metaphorically puts Bettermans power on another plane of existence.
Mamoru, one with Genesic Galeon’s core, was entirely on the defensive. Triple Zero had multiplied Ortus’ power and put it on a higher plane of strength than any of the transformed Bettermen they had previously witnessed.
Betterman's Double Firing Saber destroys not only matter, but also DNA and even energy.
“Okay, Gai-niichan!” Mamoru consented, but by then Ortus was already behind Genesic Galeon. Preparing to stab with its deadly Double Firing Saber that disintegrated not just matter, but even energy and DNA, it swung its head down. But Mamoru had already predicted that they would move around to the blind spot at the beast’s back.
Betterman Cataphract is not actually the King of Ruin of the Blue Planet, but still in control, much as the Braves with ZA POWAH at the battle of Jupiter weren't taken over by Cosmic Law.
“…We have not been corrupted.” Lamia’s thoughts responded to Gai’s question as he emitted an orange aura. “Our souls are our own.”

“Then you’re not a King of Ruin!? But that power…”

“…Recall the battle with Z-Master, Gai,” came a voice from King J-Der, riddled with damage. Soldato J was Mega Fused inside it. “Back then, the Braves and I fought while armed with the might of THE POWER. Yet our spirits were not corrupted.”

“Which means they can use the force of THE POWER… of Triple Zero, on its own! But they shouldn’t be able to control it for that long!”

“Mmm… that is where you are wrong, King of Braves.”
A description of how the Somniums learned to resist the corupting effects of Triple Zero while taking advantage of its power by using the Pectofores art of purification.
—The images showed the inside of the Sepulchrum, where Rakan was performing living experiments on a wide array of animals. By intentionally exposing the animals to the Triple Zero they had harvested while fighting Ruin Apostles, he could see for himself the process of turning into an Apostle… That was how he had devised a Pectofores art of purification—
Combining the cosmic law that governed the birth and death and rebirth of the Universe and the powers of infinite creation and infinite destruction of Ortus made a similar existence which could coexist (and make Betterman even more formidable).
Triple Zero was a natural phenomenon, a cosmic law that had no will of its own. It birthed the universe and would lead it to its demise. Ortus, with the opposite powers of infinite creation and infinite destruction at its command, was a similar existence, thus they were able to coexist.
Triple Zero allows Lamia to combine Forte Seeds even further.
Lamia bit into the two seeds, crunching loudly, and ingested them. He was already changed into Ortus, which was three Forte seeds merged together, but Triple Zero allowed him to combine transformations even further and evolve into a new form.
The final evolution of GaoGaiGar which exceeds even Genesic GaoGaiGar contains within it not just Gai, but also Mamoru, Mikoto, Renais, Keita and Hinoki. The name of this final key to victory is Final GaoGaiGar!

This was the supreme being that surpassed the god of destruction. The figure that had gone beyond the zenith of courage. The ultimate, final Key to Victory that we have attained. Its name…

The King of Braves Final GaoGaiGar!!
Opposing them is the ultimate lifeform, and the accumulation of evolution; The King of Super Beings Betterman Cataphract!
Opposing it was the mightiest lifeform. The very embodiment of “survival of the fittest”. The culmination of biological evolution made manifest in reality through the unification of fragments of dreams. Its name…

The King of Superbeings Betterman Cataphract Evo!!
The two titanic beings cross the distance of several hundred meters in a second.
As if the Braves’ gasps of wonder were a starting gong, GaoGaiGar and Betterman charged at each other. The several-hundred meter distance between them closed in a second, and the moment it seemed they would crash into each other, Betterman’s right hand grabbed
Socius Terra is the Forte Seed which sprouted from the body of Deus. After their deaths, Somnium deads leave behind Forte Seeds eldritch beyond any others...
The name of the seed was Socius Terra. It was the Animus that had sprouted from Deus after he had been impaled to death by Lamia during the Battle of Antarctica. Somnium bodies had the unique trait of symbiotically bearing Tempus seeds, leaving behind seeds eldritch beyond any other upon their death. The very same moment that the seed of Socius Terra was about to touch Sara’s lips…
Final GaoGaiGar equips itself with fitting armour...Goldion Armour!
“Galeoria Connect!” Mamoru, fused with Galeon’s core, rearranged the energy augmenters on the back of GaoGaiGar’s head into a tube and linked it with G-Block 01 positioned above. In this way, the six G-Blocks grouped into four and were physically connected above and below GaoGaiGar, and by Plasma Cables at a distance to the left and right, completing the formation. Vast energy poured into Final GaoGaiGar from all four directions!


As these words were spoken, plasma light from each G-Block filled in the formation area, and at GaoGaiGar’s back, an embankment of giant V-shaped Plasma Wings several times the size of Gadget Feather formed! Golden wings gleamed in the lunar skies!

Betterman, rushing forward after shaking off the Brave Robos, was captivated by the brave figure shining in front of it.

“Golden wings…!”

Lamia’s hostility surged, and still rushing in, Betterman drew back its brawny right Ortus arm wrapped in Triple Zero’s flames and swung! But its overwhelming power did not land a blow on GaoGaiGar. Its enormous Plasma Wings made the King of Braves soar so swiftly that it appeared to be going the speed of light. It flew faster than even the Gadget Feather created with the Trinary Solar System’s technology. The addition of the Goldion Armor to the Gadget Feather allowed for ultrahigh speeds. The flying body with golden wings charged at Betterman’s back as if it had just teleported there.
The King of Superbeings Betterman is able to block a Goldion Nail which would otherwise turn it into light.
GaoGaiGar’s right arm gleamed the same color as its wings. Actually, it was not its arm that was glowing. The tips of its outstretched hands, its five claws, were emitting light! The Goldion Nails were being fueled by the vast energy from the G-Blocks and thrust into the back of the King of Superbeings to make it become light. Except a cloth-thin layer blocked the attack, thwarting it. Lume, which cloaked Betterman’s upper half, used its hyper-oscillations to cancel out the Goldion Nails’ gravity shockwave light conversion effect.
The attack on par with Goldion Hammer failed, but they had no time to fret over it, as the tides of battle could change in an instant during this fierce fight.
Mamoru was stupefied; Gai chided him. The attack on par with the Goldion Hammer may not have worked, but they couldn’t lose their heads over it. With the power of Ruin, the defensive side could very well go on the counterattack the next second. That was the kind of next-dimension battle this was.
The two clash with super speed, and are able to perceive each other moving at these speeds.
Superspeed and superspeed clashed and clashed! It looked like two bright shooting stars mingling and violently colliding into each other. A little way away, the heavily damaged King J-Der tried to give cover fire. However, it was unable to get a fix on just one shooting star. Its cannon muzzles wobbled vainly.

“Ghh, this battle is beyond words…!”

Clashing at superspeed and reading each other’s next moves, the vicious attack and defense continued. Soldato J wasn’t the only one trying to do something.
Final GaoGaiGar and Betterman Cataphract Evo zip past each other in the Moons skies, offence and defence switching one moment to the next.
Final GaoGaiGar and Betterman Cataphract Evo repeatedly zipped past each other in the moon’s skies. Offense and defense switched sides from one moment to the next in this fierce battle that was near impossible to follow with the naked eye.
Mikoto summons a Protect Shade in the blink of an eye.
“Protect Shade!” It wasn’t Gai that yelled this. Mikoto in GaoGaiGar’s left shoulder swiftly put up the barrier and blocked the merciless slash in the blink of an eye.
Final GaoGaiGar smashes Betterman Cataphract Evo into the Moon with enough force to paralyze them.
Betterman was knocked onto the moon’s surface, right over where the U.N. Alpes Base had once been. The Genesic Aura’s explosive force was monumental, and despite its structure being reinforced by Triple Zero, Betterman was so battered that it was temporarily paralyzed.

“Mmm… The King of Braves is in possession of immense power… Or rather, the root of evil is. It mustn’t be underestimated.”
Goldymarg has been repaired into a new, immensely powerful form; an entire hand, each finger its own Goldion Hammer...Goldion Finger!
Magnum’s rotation. As the coaxial turbines whirred, a huge hand the size of the arm itself gradually unfolded at the end of the “Marg Arm”. It had five humongous shining fingers, each and every one of them a Goldion Hammer. Lastly, sitting in the palm at the center of the five Goldion Hammers was the face of the Super AI that controlled them all.

“Looks like it’s finally my time to shine!”

The battered Brave Robo Corps were watching from the moon’s surface. Among them, Mic let out a jubilant cry. “Gordo’s alive!”

“Don’t call me that! My name’s-”

GaoGaiGar, with golden wings at its back, brandished the Marg Arm. With its five giant golden finders stuck out forward, the seven Fused individuals chanted in unison.


Instantly, the whole combined mech glowed gold. This was the final decisive tool. The ultimate five golden fingers, which Shishioh Liger had appended to the Goldion Armor that humans on Earth had developed with his knowledge of the Trinary Solar System’s Goldion Nails. It would squash all who stood in its way and turn them to dust via photon conversion with its supreme power.
However, the King of Supreme Beings has its own transformation...Betterman Cataphract Terra!
Yes, it was a Betterman combined with the seventh transformation, Socius Terra. It had assumed a new appearance — that of the Ultimate King of Superbeings, Betterman Cataphract Terra!
Socius Terra is refered to as an otherworldy flower, as as Sara eats it and merges with Betterman Cataphract, her scream echos through space, and Betterman Cataphract Terras right are turns into a massive Animus-like 'flower' within which is a vortex ofdeep blackness leading into oblivion...
“Otherworldly flower… burst into bloom!”

Lamia’s will surged, and Sara’s scream echoed through space. At the same time, the bud opened its enormous Animus-like petals. As the finger-like petals unfolded, the orange-colored illusory flames emanating from Betterman disappeared. No, they only looked like they disappeared. They were absorbed into the body. In place of the illusory flames that now burned inside, the behemoth’s surface coloring turned platinum. The figure shone bright. Only the petals of its right hand were colored light pink, and within it was a vortex of deep black darkness leading to oblivion.
The remaining Zero Robos are hurled at Final GaoGaiGar (each of which is about as heavy as a Brave Robo, but they are all turned into light by Goldion Finger), without even touching them.
“…I’ll try it out.” Hiiragi’s gravity waves hurtled the Zero Robos that were drifting around them. The Zero Robos, each about as heavy as a Brave Robo on its own, hailed like stones upon GaoGaiGar.

“That’s not… going to stop us!” Gai yelled, and GaoGaiGar opened its front-facing right hand. “BECOME LIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!”

The massive right hand grabbed up the whole lot of Zero Robos. But actually, by the moment they looked to have been seized, the hunks of steel had all been converted into light already. Extinguishing one enemy after the other without even touching them, the gaps between its fingers were filled in with dazzlingly bright particles.

“My, my… it’s dangerous to even approach it.” Rice’s thoughts flowed out from Betterman’s tail. His usual facetious tone was gone. He had comprehended that they were facing an avatar of destruction beyond all imagination.
Betterman Cataphract Terra unleashes the terrifying power of its ultimate attack, which swallows everything into the darkness, even gravity shockwaves; Into The Beyond!

GaoGaiGar unleashed a brilliant shockwave, and Betterman moved to grab it with its enormous hand. Betterman opened its dark petals, with faint, light pink pollen-like miasma drifting out of them, and caught it. Two prodigious right hands grappled head-on! Yet despite the monumental clash of power, GaoGaiGar was not swallowed by the darkness, nor was Betterman turned into light.

“You’re kidding me! What kinda cheat codes are these guys using!?” Keita exclaimed, and Hinoki gave an answer.

“The shockwave… is being erased!”

Hinoki didn’t know how they were doing it either. But there was no mistaking that the Goldion Finger, which had turned an entire corps of Zero Robos into light a few moments ago, was being nullified. Betterman, wielding the power of Ruin, had abilities rivaling those of GaoGaiGar with its ultimate tool equipped.
Final GaoGaiGar thrusts the Bolting Driver into the surface of Mars and rips it apart. However, the King of Superbeings doesn'teven flinch. It uses Into The Beyond to suck up rock chunks hundreds of meters around into the infinite abyss.
Not waiting for Betterman’s unidentified attack to finish, GaoGaiGar thrust the bolt parts of the Bolting Driver into the lunar surface! Its Broken Energy burst into the ground and bored a gaping crater. The ground that had been there instantly crumbled into a heap of rocky debris that flew at Betterman, its right arm held out. In the blink of an eye, the lunar surface became a hellish asteroid belt of cascading bedrock, but even so the King of Superbeings did not flinch.

“…into the beyond!”

Betterman swung its right hand at the fast-approaching boulders! A tornado hundreds of meters long filled with countless massive projectiles seemed to swallow up Betterman, but the next moment, the boulders had all vanished! An infinite abyss had yawned open in the middle of the Socius Hand and instantly sucked them in.
Into The Beyond is the same kind of spatial distortion as the one at Jupiter (an ST Bypass).
Monitoring the battle in the Branch Order Room, Swan turned around and reported. “NO! That’s the same kind of spatial distortion that was recorded at Jupiter!” She quickly pulled up past footage on the sub monitor that showed the Bettermen emerging from the “space-crossing distortion” which Sara had generated.

“ST Bypass...” came a quiet voice from near the entrance of the Order Room. Apparently Sakura had intercepted something over the Limpid Channel again.

“An ST Bypass… I’m not sure what that implies, but I presume that’s the ability they used to vanish those boulders off somewhere.”
Into The Beyond sucks its target into an unknown subspace.
“I don’t know. However, it’s powerful enough to erase a vast range of bedrock flying up from the surface of the moon in mere moments. The gravity shockwave that the Goldion Finger fired off before was likely swallowed into that subspace as well.”
Final GaoGaiGar flies away from the Moons surface, but Betterman Cataphract Terra follows.
The Goldion Finger and Broken Bolt had both been nullified, so now GaoGaiGar tried to break away from the moon’s surface with its golden wings’ hyper-acceleration. But Betterman gave chase, slowly closing the distance. The high-speed chase seemed to be ever so slightly in Betterman’s favor. Renais guessed the reason why.
Renais wedges the Broken Bolt right into Bettermans body, so as to overcome the regenerative power of the King of Superbeings, which is even greater than that of the 11 Planetary Masters.
Gai… you’re way too kind!

That last strike — if it had been Renais, she’d have wedged the Broken Bolt right into Betterman Cataphract’s body. That would have destroyed it from the inside. It was an anti-11 Sol Planetary Masters tool, so it could have been used like that. But that wasn’t what Gai did. Of course, it would only be a stopgap measure against an enemy that had regenerative power surpassing that of the Planetary Masters. Using it on the moon and attacking with boulders instead was probably a bit of kindness from Gai, who couldn’t bring himself to be completely callous towards the Somniums who had fought alongside them for a time. If she were the same person she once was, Renais would have laughed scornfully.
Even the mighty King J-Der is sucked into the hollow abyss, and was gone from this world...
The last thing Soldato J saw was the Socius petals blooming on Betterman’s right arm spreading and swallowing up the J-Quath and all its energy. Then it filled his vision — and the hundred-plus meter tall goliath was swallowed whole.

“J, TOMORO…!” Kaidou’s scream of anguish echoed through space. It was moments away from firing an ES depth charge and making a withdrawal, but by then it was already too late. Depth charge and all, the white battleship robot was gone from this world. But the tragedy was not over. After vanishing King J-Der into a spatial rift, Betterman next headed for the Wadatsumi.
The Brave Robo Corps too are swallowed into the space-time rift...
ShouChouRyuuJin. Big Volfogg. Mic Sounders the 13th. GekiRyuuJin. Big Porcauto. TenRyuuJin. SeiRyuuJin. All of them jumped in. Some of them thrusting aside GaoGaiGar, some of them hurtling themselves at Betterman, becoming shields…

Then they too were swallowed up by the fiendish Socius Terra’s space-time rifts, into the hollow abyss…
Socius Terra's hollow abyss swallows even light itself.
Though it was connected to the right shoulder, it was hard to call it an arm. The swelled bud that was Socius Terra opened its eight petals at the tip and blossomed into a majestic, menacing flower. Since the petals resembled fingers, it could narrowly pass as an arm. Except lying at the center of the corolla was not a palm, but a gaping maw of pure darkness that absorbed even light itself. Of course, it was not a literal mouth. It was an ST Bypass, a hyperspace passage that opened a portal to a subspace, which would cast all rebels into a hollow abyss.
A near miss from Socius Terra tears through lunar regolith and bedrock that had remained undisturbed for billions of years, but now it and the space surrounding it vanished, leaving a crater in its place.
The Goldion Armor’s golden wings generated inclined gravity, and with the lightness of a scrap of paper flitting through air, the golden brave rocketed up. Socius Terra lost its target a split second before smashing into the lunar plain, instead swallowing up lunar regolith and solid bedrock that had lain undisturbed for billions of years. The plain and the space surrounding it vanished into the hollow abyss and was replaced with a contorted crater.
GaoGaiGar wraps around behind Betterman with almost-instantaneous speed.
“—I’ve got you!” A harsh scream ripped through the silent battlefield. GaoGaiGar wrapped around behind Betterman with almost instantaneous speed, holding out the Marg Hand — and squashed the enemy before it!
Bettermans Double Firing Sabers with the backing of the power of Triple Zero can decompose not only substances down not just to their matter structures, but to their elemental composition.
Pointed blades closed in on GaoGaiGar’s neck. For a moment it looked as if GaoGaiGar would be decapitated by oxygen-expelling vacuum blade wings, but the fangs growing from GaoGaiGar’s lower jaw impeded them. The fang tips deflected the wings and Betterman was thrown off balance. However, Lamia had expected that Gajumaru’s attack would be parried. At close range, he discharged the glowing Double Firing Sabers atop its head at GaoGaiGar’s own head. With Triple Zero’s power added, it was a fierce attack that would decompose substances down not just to their matter structures, but to their elemental composition levels. Facing two of these at once, the King of Braves couldn’t do a thing to prevent itself from being gored. Or so it seemed, but the golden wings pulled the mech back at super swift speeds, narrowly evading a direct hit. Even so, the pair of sabers would not call off their pursuit.
The Bolting Driver wrapping around the Double Saber creates a spatial distortion vortex which rips down below the lunar plain, unleashing its condensed spatial distortion energy in one burst, enveloping Betterman and the Moon around it.

The cylindrical screw-shaped bolt attached to the Driver tip fired into space ahead. A spatial distortion vortex immediately whirled into being, enveloping the Double Saber and spreading all the way to the moon’s surface at Betterman’s feet. It was not off target. The vortex ripped down below the lunar plain and released its condensed spatial distortion energy in one burst, enveloping Betterman and the moon around it in an aurora membrane like it was wrapping a present!
Trapped in an isolated space stronger than Bettermans gravity barrier, Final GaoGaiGar prepares to turn them and the warped space into light.
“Mmm… it would seem we have been captured in an isolated space.”

“It’s stronger than my gravity barrier… We’re trapped in a space so compressed that you could walk forever and never get out!”

Sealed away in an intricately-warped space, Rakan and Hiiragi exchanged dispirited thoughts. Before them, the god of destruction flashed its golden palm once again. So it could change the compressed space and Betterman inside it into light.
Just before it can be turned into light, Betterman uses Socious Terra to escape into its own hollow abyss. It travels this dark void, and returns to the sector of space without any lag in time (implying the very flow of time in this void is different, if it exists it all).
Yet a moment later, as dazzling light overflowed, space tore open behind GaoGaiGar.

No, that was not the case. An ST Bypass gateway had opened. Just before it could be turned into light, Betterman had expanded its fiendish Socius Terra and jumped in on its own accord. After crossing through the dark void, it returned to this sector without any time lag. Right into GaoGaiGar’s blind spot!
Betterman Cataphract Terra cuts Final GaoGaiGar's right arm off. Goldion Finger falls to the lunar surface, and turns the entire plain into light.
Its left arm shining orange, Betterman flung Ougu’s Flying Saber like a boomerang! It severed GaoGaiGar’s right arm at the shoulder and the Marg Arm fell, converting the whole lunar plain into light as it went. Scattering light particles and making loud noises, it too was engulfed by the light.
At last, the truth about why Lamia and the other Somniums seek out Gai Shishioh to seemingly kill him; as Gai is a Evoluder, he has been resisting Triple Zero this whole time, but is slowly being taken over, as each of Gais cells contains a tiny G-Stone. As such, Gai risks turning into the true King of Ruin of the Blue Planet.
“An Evoluder’s body is not the same as a human’s. The corruption of the Dawn Aura manifests itself in a different way—”

Lamia’s consciousness flowed into Mamoru, graphically striking. This was a sharing of consciousness that went far beyond the mutual understanding that the Limpid Channel allowed. A wealth of information streamed from Lamia into Mamoru. It was the truth that Lamia’s super-senses had perceived. The cold truth of what had happened at the cosmic egg, Orange Site.

At that time, GGG’s personnel, the Brave Robos, and the warriors of the Red Planet had been corrupted by the dense Triple Zero and turned into Ruin Apostles. Shishioh Gai too could not have possibly escaped it. Triple Zero had seeped deep down into his body.

“Then Gai-niichan’s been a King of Ruin this whole time!?”

“No, that is not the case. The Evoluder’s cells have been constantly fighting since then—”

Lamia’s thoughts revealed the shocking truth. Each and every one of Gai’s cells were assimilated with tiny G-Stones. That was how he had resisted Triple Zero up until today. Gai hadn’t been corrupted.

He was still in the process of being corrupted.
Lamia had been overtaxed to the point his body was no longer able to regenerate (what Palparepa calls "the law of the material world").
Whatever happened next, Lamia had overtaxed his body to the point of no longer being able to regenerate again. Palparepa, one of the 11 Sol Planetary Masters, had called this the “law of the material world”. At this very moment, the permanent end had come for individual known as Lamia.
Rice attacks with the original Galeon to buy Betterman a moment of time.
It would have been impossible to predict this attack. Rice was supposed to travel through time with Galeon via the Tempus seed, but now here he was, joining the fray just to turn things around—

“WOOOOOOOH!” But GaiGar promptly flung off Ahriman with all its Ruin power. “I won’t be defeated by this! I am the King of Ruin! The one who governs cosmic law!”

Gai was astonished. He would never have said these words. They came from something lurking inside him.
Betterman looses its Ortus abilities and its symbiosis with Triple Zero, but it still uses Betterman Aqua's ability to pass through every substance to the molecular level.
Ortus crystallized and crumbled on the spot. It had lost its abilities and its symbiosis with Triple Zero along with them, thus the power of Ruin dissipated. However, from within it sprang a manta-ray shaped light with its long, sharp horn pointing forward, passing through every substance around to the molecular level like flowing water and diving into GaiGar’s chest.
As Gai is being taken over by Triple Zero and transforming into a King of Ruin, Mikoto calls out to him...
Gai realized what he had to do now. But the power of Ruin commanded his body to counterattack. It writhed within him, resisting his will. Cosmic law was corrupting him and there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t stop it even if he tried.

“UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” Gai felt like the battle against himself would rip him apart.

“Gai-niichan!” Mamoru, fused with the core, couldn’t move either. It should have been a foregone conclusion as to who would win between Gai, who had Ruin power coursing through him, and an already weak, exhausted Lamia. But just then, a reunion occurred within the orange flames.

“Gai… don’t lose.” The voice of his beloved echoed in Gai’s mind. The voice of his most dear, most precious person who had died during the battle. “Ever since we first met in high school — you’ve been my hero. My Brave. So please…”

After the battle is over, it's revealed that all the Somniums survived, and they were hidden in subspace highway via Sara's Socius Road.
A section of the half-destroyed lunar Alpes Base. In a block that was laboring to maintain pressure, Mamoru stood beside Gai lying on his side and held out the Patria seed. Lamia took the precious fruit. Surrounding him were six Bettermen. Rakan, Yewya, Gajumaru, Sara, Hiiragi, and the first Rice. The transformations that had been destroyed in the fight were only temporary bodies for them. Even when they were physically wrecked or smashed, the flesh body inside would be completely unscathed. That said, it was still difficult to survive getting thrown out into space, so they were led by Sara’s Socius Road into a subspace hideaway. And now, another of Sara’s windows opened inside the room. Kaidou, Renais, Mikoto, Keita, and Hinoki slowly came out of it, returning alive and already aware of the situation.
Mamoru has super-senses thanks to being born in the Trinary Solar System.
Mamoru had super-senses due to being born in the Trinary Solar System.
An ES Window forms, connecting real space with ES-space, and King J-Der emerges. As with the Somniums, all the Braves survived!
“…An ES Window!”

He had seen the same thing countless times before. A window that connected ES-space and real space, created by the super dreadnought J-Ark’s ES-Missiles. The white warship emerged from it.
The G-Stone is a gem of life in a very literal sense, embodying the souls of the people from the Trinary Solar System (similar to the Animus Seeds for the people of Earth).
“Lamia once said that the G-Stone is a gem of life…” Hinoki wasn’t speaking figuratively. Just like the Animus seed, the G-Stone was a crystallization of human life — of the souls of the Trinary Solar System’s people.
If the Somniums hadn't taken action, then one day Gai would have awakened as a King of Ruin with no warning.
That was the truth that Lamia had revealed. While everyone else’s souls were corrupted straightaway, Gai’s G-Stones had been continually resisting Triple Zero’s corruption.

If Gai-san had gone ignored, he’d have been a landmine. We’d have no idea when he’d blow up and awaken as a King of Ruin. That’s why they made the decision…
By transmuting the corruption out of Gais body, they were able to create an Animus Seed; the Seed of Patria.
The G-Stones had been corrupted by Triple Zero and transmuted. Manifesting them and growing them into an Animus seed resulted in the King of Ruin’s power being purified and then blooming out of Gai’s body.
Using the Patria Seed, Lamia opens a gateway to another dimension, where all of the Somniums will now travel.
“Mmm… a breathtaking Patria Gate…” As Rakan beheld the earth sparkling brilliantly like an emerald and the gate stretching wide like a beautiful lake, there was no trace of his usual derision. There was only solemnity for the moment of “dimension crossing” that was at last upon them.

“All right, ladies and gentlemen, let’s be off. To the uncultivated dimension that awaits us——!” Rice took the lead and leapt into the gate.
Thousands of years in the past, Somniums crossed into this dimension, and became the guardians of humanity. However now humanity is no longer weak and have become strong, they no longer need protecting.
Thousands of years in the past, Somniums had crossed dimensions and come to this planet. They became the guardians of the then-weak humans and lived by sharing their lives with them. But humans no longer needed their protection. That was why they were departing. Crossing over dimensions to a land that would become their new home.
Lamia however, has to hold the dimensional gate open from this side, and can't enter. Whereever the world on the other side of the dimensional gate is, it's a long way away, much farther away than the abyss of Terra Socius; so far that left and right are reversed. With his wounds, Lamia cannot survive much longer in anycase...
“I knew it from the beginning. This gate leads to somewhere distant. I have to keep the gate open here. It’s not like Socius. It’s far, far away… so far that left and right are flipped around. So I can’t move until I use up all its power. I can’t… cross beyond the gate…”
A year later, Gai (now a Semi-Evoluder like Mikoto) and Mikoto join J-Soldat on a voyage across the Universe to search for any other dimensional tears, so as to prevent any other influxes of Triple Zero.
From his seat, the ship’s captain objected to the two crewmates’ discussion. “This is no pleasure cruise! The super dreadnought J-Ark is headed on an investigation. We’re ensuring that there are no more dimensional seams in space like the one at Jupiter!”
And that is the the end of GaoGaiGar vs Betterman, and with it the phenomenal saga that is GaoGaiGar! There's a few more epilogues, but that's the main story complete.

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Good news ladies and gentlemen! I have the GaoGaiGar Denki Data Collection! It has quite a bt in it (though not as much as I was expecting), so let's get going!

To start with Zonuda is very explicitly more powerful not only than the Primevals, but more powerful than even the Z-Master itself.
The birth of a new species of ultimate machine world enemy
Immediately after EI-01 fell to Earth, the seeds of a machine world life form different from the Zonders were planted in the body of the creature. The seed disguises itself as the central nervous system of life and remains hidden, and gradually matures through the battle with the Zonders. Then, after the battle with the Z-Master ended, it blossomed and transformed into the Zonuda, a new humanoid species in the machine world who's body is life.
Possessing the ability to transform any substance into an insulator and dissipate energy, known as "sublimation" and possessing resistance to G-Power, Zonuda was the ultimate being with power far exceeding that of the Z-Master. Awakened Zonuda uses her power to incapacitate Orbit Base and the Hero Robos. Furthermore, it captured Amaterasu and fell to Earth, and after forming Zonuda Robo based on Amatarasu in Tokyo, it sublimated the entire city center.
Pisa Sol is entrusted with the regeneration of the Trinary Solar System, and her power is unparalleled even among the 11 Planetary Masters. She (or it, as we'll get to below) is capable of restoring any of the Planetary Masters to full form and full strength, no matter how many times they're destroyed.
(Relevant text)
Those entrusted with special roles
The masters all have high combat power. Among them, Pisa Tool's combat is unparalleled. However, as long as Pisa Sol exists, no many how many times the Planetary Masters are damaged or destroyed, they can be completely repaired and completely regenerated. Furthermore, since the Planetary Master's reason for existence is the restoration of the Trinary Solar System, Pisa Sol, who is fused into a star-sized regeneration machine and controls its restoration function, can said to be even more important than Pars Abel.
Although resembling a human female it's unknown if Pisa Sol actually has a gender (which given she's a robot, does make sense). What's more, other than reacting to Abels instructions, there's little intellectual activity.
(Relevant text)
Responsible for restoring matter, which is a fundamental function of the Planetary Masters. She looks like a human female, but it is unknown if she has a gender. Other than her responding to Abel's instructions, we see very little intellectual activity from her.
The task of the 11 Planetary Masters is to restore the Trinary Solar System by stealing dark matter from other dimensional universes (which implies that our universe might not have the only one to almost fall victim to the 11 Planetary Masters).
(Relevant text)
Armed Forces of the Planetary Lords
The true identity of the Sole 11 Planetary Masters is an artificial warrior created by Abel, the leader of the Red Planet, based on a program to regenerate and protect the Trinary Solar System. They are a program that attempts to steal dark matter from other dimensional universes and revive the Trinary Solar System, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal.
ZA POWAH is a mysterious infinite energy within Jupiter that transcends time and space.
(Relevant text)
GaoGaiGar is revived by the power of ZA POWAH, a mysterious infinite energy that exists on Jupiter and transcends time and space. However, due to the power of ZA POWAH, the Pure Breeds were also reborn as the Z-Master, a fusion of all Pure Breeds. GGG is forced to be at a disadvantage, but Gai discoveres the point where the power flows into the Z-Master, and the Hero Robots and J-Ark rush inside the fusion. Although injured, King J-Der invades the Heart Progenitor, causing ZA POWAH to run wild and causing the Z-Master to collapse from within.
The 11 Planetary Masters will restore the universe of the Trinary Solar System, even if it puts other galaxies and solar systems in other universes.
(Relevant text)
Because it uses the Loud G-Stone and can be regenerated infinitely, its combat ability is powerful, and it is also called the "Guardian God of the Trinary Solar System." They will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, and have a hard-line attitude to rebuild their own Trinary Solar System, even if it means putting galaxies and solar systems in other universes at risk.
After the destruction of Pisa Sol, the dimension which contained the Trinary Solar System collapsed (meaning that Pisa Sol was also sustaining it, and at minimum, both Pisa Sol and the Goldion Crusher would be universal+).
(Relevant text)
The Planetary Master lost its active energy and disappeared, and the dimension where the Trinary Solar System existed was also about to disappear. GGG lost Comet Galeora and has no way to return to Earth. Even so, Mamoru and Kaidou are the only ones who entrust the future of humanity to them, and by opening the dimensional gate using ZA POWAH, they return to Earth.
The names of all the Primevals who merged with Jupiters moons (sans Europa), and their functions within the Z-Masters body (If need be I'll translate these in due course).
Funnily enough, less than a week after buying this, Sunrise announced an even more complete guidebook to celebrate the 25th anniversary of GaoGaiGar (which from the looks of it includes not only GaoGaGar and GaoGaiGar Final, but also GaoGaiGar vs Betterman), so I may just check that out in the future. In the meantime, let me know if there's anything you wish me to look up, and I'll see what it says (though I can't promise it'll say anything)!

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It's actually astonishing that I haven't posted this yet...Gai with ZA POWAH turns an entire Primeval-possessed moon into light!

He turns 4 of the Moons Primeval into light!

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Mechanizing a planet doesn't just wipe out all life; the planet itself is literally destroyed, and crumbles away into dust.

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All of the GGG Brave Robos as well as King J-Der (while boosted by ZA POWAH) attack the Z-Master and don't even scratch it.

The Z-Master didn't even have any protective barriers up, as it's simply that strong.






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The description of the crossover with other Brave series (which I'll look into at some point to see if it's canon) says that it "transcends multidimensionality" (which I'll find out what that means later).
□Work overview
Transcend multidimensionality! The heroes gather here now! The courage of the universe calls me! A different origin has arrived! Saw grader!

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Betterman shares a continuity with GaoGaiGar (if GaoGaiGar vs Betterman didn't make this obvious), so we can also analyse Betterman here! Kakuseijin No. 1 (a neuronoid) uses voice commands and thought control systems.


Dual Kinds work together and generate a sort of energy, which a neuronoid can multiply by tens of thousands of times over.


Sakura can catch the waves of consciousness around her, and psychically express her thoughts via the limpid channel.

Betterman Nebula jumps incredibly high and fast.

Nebula uses something akin to an extreme version of sonar.

Nebula can alter the refraction of light via this ability.


Nebula shatters the Chika monster with a shout.

Nebula is estimated to be 5m or 6m tall, with the Chika monster being around 5 times as big.

Tsuguo is the brother of Sueo and Kazuo (of the Ushiyama family, who work at GGG and is friends with Mamoru respectively).
We see the pizza girl (Isuzu Yamba) who got zonderised and turned into EI-10 delivering pizzas in the rain.

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Betterman Nebula is able to fly at speeds exceeding 800km/h.
Betterman Nebula withstands the mannequins falling on him and exploding.

Betterman Nebula uses his psychovoice to disintergrate all the mannequins (including the ones sealed inside the plane), but leave the humans and the plane itself completely unharmed.



Betterman Nebula is able to control the fall of the plane using shockwaves.


Betterman is even able to steer the plane using Willide, showing just how fine-tuned his powers and control can be.

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Tsuguo Ushii's says his big brother (who works at GGG) says that there are some organisms that can mutate because of environmental hormones (which is linked to several students disappearing). As such, this would mean that GGG is looking into the situation with Algernon too (although they don't have the focus for this series).