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Michael Moorcock's Multiverse: Discussion and Analysis


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Gonna be as fast as possible regarding this because Mbxx is probably gonna delete everything.

Basically, this is just a place to post various excerpts and showings in order for them to be analyzed. This includes the Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melniboné, and all associated works made by Michael Moorcock. Such as Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles. Which apparently clarifies that Doctor Who is a part of the cosmology, and that the Doctor is one of the incarnations of the Eternal Champion. I will leave that for later though. Since I can only imagine the headaches that is going to cause.

We shall start with Elric of Melnibone's education, and his travels in the dream world. Which led him across the moonbeams which are the astral roads which connect the entire multiverse. He ventured across numerous worlds, and did so free of the constraints of time when in his astral body. Which directly effected his actual body. A wound in the dream world would appear in the actual world on his body, and so forth.

Also, more on the moonbeams.

In the setting universes are confirmed to be infinite.


As for the size of the multiverse. It consists of at least several million spheres. The number is possibly much higher given this is from the perspective of someone who desperately hopes that it is finite, and that it can be completely traversed.


Now that's just for starters.

More on the multiverse, and the Eternal Champion.


It mentions various incarnations of the Eternal Champion. Which includes Elric of Melniboné.

That they all seek Tanelorn, and when they do they rise above the Lords of the Higher Worlds. Who are the Lords of Chaos, and Dukes of Law.

Next up is the Four Who are One. This is the form Elric of Melniboné takes when he fuses with three other versions of himself. Which includes Corum, Erekose, and Hawkmoon.


In this state they are able to easily defeat Agak, and they could have devoured the entire universe. It is noted that if they indulged themselves not even the Lords of Chaos, and Dukes of Law would survive. Agak is able to devour many worlds before his defeat but afterwards he dies by the hands of the Four Who are One.

It is noted that Corum had already found Tanelorn.

It is confirmed that Agak, and Gagak are more powerful than all of the Lords of the Higher Worlds. Which is why the Eternal Champion was summoned to fight them instead. Since they're the only ones powerful enough to do so.


We learn more about the Duke of Hell known as Arioch. Who is Elric's patron deity, and a Lord of Chaos. Arioch is displeased with Elric's defiance, and decides to hamper his journey. Arioch acknowledges that he is incapable of causing Elric harm but manages to banish him from the plane they are in. He does this by using his hammer, and hitting it. This shakes several universes, and when Esbern Snare attacks him in order to save Elric he unleashes a humongous blast of energy that destroys a thousand spheres. Which sends Elric careening throughout the multiverse. Elric, and Stormbringer are able to survive this. They fight back against Arioch's power, and dispel his banishment. They return to the plane they were in before.


Just read above you. A lot of what I recently posted involves Elric of Melniboné, and his various incarnations as the Eternal Champion.

Also, he was the one responsible for the Lords of Law eventually destroying the Lords of Chaos. This conjunction of spheres rebooted the entire multiverse. Which was powered by Elric using the Horn of Fate, and this leads to his death as it was powered by his life-force. Then Stormbringer takes care of the rest, and takes his life. Which is revealed to be a literal part of him, and it carries a fraction of his soul.

Which is elaborated on in later stories. Since Stormbringer is an aspect of the Eternal Champion, and exists as part of him throughout every incarnation as the "black sword."


How many are in the Deadlands? Since Elric should at least be powerful enough influence his entire multiverse. Which consists of millions at least, and even then that was from the perspective of someone who desperately hoped it was finite so that his family could eventually traverse the entirety of it. By Elric's perspective whenever he tries to summon Arioch there is an endless amount of universes his astral body traverses in order to find his patron deity.


Also, once again the ancient sorcerers who resided in Melnibone make note of the fact there was likely an infinite number of alternate earths.


Also, when Elric falls into the realms of the Lords of Chaos. It is referred to as containing a quasi-infinite amount of universes, and each one drastically different than the other.


Varnik uses Stormbringer, and accidentally cuts the entire universe in half.


This releases Phoorn from their inter-dimensional prison. The great dragon brothers, and sisters of Mernii. Who will one day be known as the Melniboneans.

This is from Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer.

The moonbeams are also referred to as the Infinite Path. The roads between worlds, and what have you.


Elric of Melnibone faces three Dukes of Hell in combat, and succeeds in defeating them. He banishes them back to chaos. Since he cannot destroy them. This is because they are immortal. This includes Arioch, Balan, and Maluk.


The conjunction of spheres, and the rebirth of the earth. As Elric of Melnibone embraces his destiny as the Eternal Champion, and dies by the taste of Stormbringer's steel. By his action of blowing the Horn of Fate he summons the Lords of Law across the entire multiverse, and by blowing it once more their victory against the Lords of Chaos is assured. The only remnant of chaos being Stormbringer. During this he defeats, and murders Jagreen Lern. The greatest champion of chaos.


The multiverse is outright noted to be infinite by Myshella. Also, Elric of Melnibone has an incarnation of himself in every plane of existence.


Monsieur Zenith is revealed to be another one of Elric of Melnibone's incarnations. He has his own version of the "black sword." Just the act of unsealing it causes the entire universe he is in to shake.


All of the melniboneans have access to the dream couches, and their astral bodies are perfect copies of their real bodies. This to the point they have flesh, and blood. As well as bones. Through the dream couches they can travel freely throughout the entire multiverse, and live hundreds of lifetimes.


The melniboneans can easily traverse the multiverse even in their real bodies. Elric of Melnibone was able to search through over five-hundred spheres over the course of several hundred years. Just for reference a sphere is a megaverse consisting of an infinite number of multiverses. Which are confirmed to be infinite in size.


So, over the course of several hundred years he was able search through five-hundred different megaverses for his targets. An impressive feat of speed, and dimensional travel. Considering the fact his targets were melniboneans, and basically looking for them in each of those spheres would be like sorting through a haystack the size of a universe for a single needle? That makes it even more impressive.

His targets were also searching for him, and scoured a thousand spheres over the course of millennia.

Rackhir, and Lamsar make their way into one of Vezhan's spheres. Vezhan is a Lord of Chaos, and Rackhir's former employer. It is revealed that the Lords of the Higher Worlds have complete control over the realms under their control. Their universes drastically change, and reform themselves according to their moods. In this one it consists of only a forest, and an ocean that goes on forever towards an infinite distance. In the sky there is a sun that is cold instead of hot, and the laws of physics do not exist here. After they encounter Hionhurn the Executioner they escape. They run into, and through the ocean as it becomes a range of mountains before making it to the next plane. Also, Lamsar can enchant weapons with the Charm of Justice. This gives them the ability to hurt denizens of chaos. Which Rackhir uses to hurt Hionhurn the Executioner.


Rackhir the Red Archer is another incarnation of Elric of Melnibone. Therefore he is another incarnation of the Eternal Champion. He has made his way to Tanelorn, and now acts as a guardian against the Lords of Chaos. When once he served them. He is able to stop an invasion spearheaded by Narjhan. Another Lord of Chaos of considerable repute. Rackhir becomes known as the first mortal to have beaten a Lord of Chaos in combat forcing him to escape back to his realm, and what's more impressive is that Rackhir the Red Archer manages this without his version of the black sword.


Another thing about Narjhan is that he had the whole strength of chaos behind him when this happens.


Also, Elric was able to easily defeat Rackhir. Stormbringer being responsible for his death.


Jagreen Lern was powerful enough to break a barrier made by the Lords of Law. That protected this universe from the Lords of Chaos. He does this to summon, and bind three Dukes of Hell to his service. This includes Arioch, Balan, and Maluk. When normally only one Duke of Hell can be summoned to a sphere at a time.


Elric of Melnibone accidentally creates a black hole, and he is sucked into it. He survives, and is spit out into another sphere.


Once again the multiverse is referred to as having infinite realms, and that moonbeams are roads that extend from different spheres. Which means anyone who is able travel across them is moving pretty darn fast. Considering the fact that each of them is supposed to be infinite in size.


Also, the reason why both the Elric Saga and Doctor Who can both exist is because the conjunction of spheres rebooted the entire multiverse. Doctor Who is what comes after the Elric Saga.



While treading the moonbeams Elric, and Renark are able to scare away a crazed Lord of Law.


It is said time does not exist on the moonbeams, and that those who tread the moonbeams have no need of time. Those who travel the moonbeams can travel through time, and through the histories of entire civilizations.


Elric mentions how he is treading towards near-infinity on one of the moonbeams.


Far-Seeing is treading the moonbeams towards The Rose. A galaxy in another sphere where all the planets form a humongous garden.


When Arioch gains control over a sphere he can freely change anything about it. At some point he gains control of a realm where time does not exist, and then changes it to include time.


Through this method Arioch controls the fate of every living thing in this realm he controls. He has connected their times together, and when one person's "clock" stops so do they all. In other words, the second a person dies they all do.


Arioch tortures Count Mashabak by forcibly feeding him the psychic energy of a hundred suns.


It is revealed that Arioch's control over the realm is so complete that Stormbringer cannot eat any souls in it. As they are under his control.


Elric of Melnibone reveals that the reason why he is so important is because he is the most powerful sorcerer in his realm, and the only one powerful enough to unlock it. So, that the Lords of the Higher Worlds may enter. This is obviously referring to the conjunction of spheres we see later. The reason why this realm is so important is because those who have control over it are granted access to every sphere in the multiverse. It's basically the gateway through which the Lords of the Higher Worlds can begin their conquest over the entire multiverse.


Stormbringer is described as more than just an incarnation of chaos. Instead of acting in contrast to law? It is in opposition of balance itself. It is the anti-balance. Whereas someone like Elric of Melnibone is representative of the balance as the Eternal Champion.


Elric travels into the future using Stormbringer. It is revealed that Stormbringer once belonged to Lucifer (suggesting that he was one of the incarnations of the Eternal Champion), and that the forces of chaos were led by him. The Lords of Chaos are revealed to have been archangels who followed him.


Also, since I got The Eternal Champion books recently.


John Daker is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion, and he is unique in that he remembers all of his past lives. He lives on a modern version of Earth. However, he is called to another sphere by a desperate king to lead humanity against the eldren. His spirit is able to leave his body, and possess the corpse of one of his previous incarnations. The one known as Erekose. This brings his corpse back to life, and his begins his life anew in this other sphere. This despite the fact his corpse was thousands of years old, and nothing more than a skeleton. John Daker references many of his past incarnations by name. Which include Elric, and Rackhir. As well as Rose von Bek, and the Von Beks. Jerry Cornelius, and Hawkmoon.

Also, the book introduces the Ghost Worlds. Which are worlds that exist alongside a normal version of Earth. They are actually solid, and they each exist in their own dimension. There is an infinite number of them for every version of Earth. We already know there are an infinite number of Earths. Which means that the Elric Saga might actually be an omniverse consisting of an infinite number of megaverses.


In The Eternal Champion we see the multiverse brought up again, and it is noted that it is infinite. It is revealed that Tanelorn exists at the center of the multiverse, and never decays like other worlds. It is forever like the Eternal Champion.


Also, in the same book it is revealed that the Eternal Champion and the Black Sword are always bound for each other. The Eternal Champion is the only person who can truly wield it. Which adds credence to the idea that Lucifer was one of his incarnations. As he was able to use it.


The Holy Grail is powerful enough to instantly destroy an Archduke of Hell.


Prince Flamadin's version of the Black Sword is known as the Dragon Sword. It is powerful enough to defeat, and conquer the whole of chaos. John Daker is able to fight against Prince Flamadin's influence, and take the Dragon Sword. After Prince Flamadin takes it back he uses the Dragon Sword to free all of the Lords of Chaos. Yes, literally every Lord of Chaos led by Archduke Balarizaaf. John Daker takes the Dragon Sword back, and he uses the might of the Black Sword to summon every version of the Warriors at the End of Time. In other words, every single version of the Eternal Champion. John Daker leads them into battle. This army of heroes is able to defeat, and banish all of the forces of chaos.


John Daker has another impressive showing after this. He is even able to break the Dragon Sword into two pieces. He slams the Dragon Sword against the Iron Round which is an anvil. His strike was so powerful that every planet, and star in the entire multiverse feels the reverberation of it causing them to break. He releases the she-dragon trapped inside of the black sword as a result. Who opens the Dragon Gate to what is apparently paradise. The dragon itself is larger than a sun.


John Daker refuses to follow the Von Beks, and returns to the Dark Ship. So, that he may return back to his sphere after his many adventures as Erekose throughout the multiverse.

The Dreamthief's Daughter confirms that dragons share a relation with Melniboneans. They likely descend from dragons who were their ancestors. As a result they are able to drink dragon venom. The Phoorn as they are called have lifespans that are almost infinite. Which explains why Melniboneans can live for so long. The Phoorn are fast enough to fly around the multiverse.


After being put into an enchanted slumber Elric's soul is ejected out of his body. As a spirit he comes across a humongous tree that is as large as the multiverse. He uses his knowledge of sorcery to traverse it, and it is revealed that he can observe time non-linearly. He meets several thousand of his other incarnations on the branches who are able to do the same thing he is doing. He eventually makes his way back to his body after this.


The Grey Fees. They represent the desires, and dreams of everyone in the multiverse. They may be what created the multiverse to begin with. Gaynor tries to get access to them. Since anyone who controls them can reshape the multiverse into whatever they want. The Black Sword, and the Holy Grail act as potential "keys" to gain control over it.


Also, in The White Wolf's Son it is revealed that Jack d'Acre and John Daker are the same person. So, John Daker is actually Elric of Melnibone's son.


Jack d'Acre is a powerful seer, and the Black Sword is able to block seers from seeing into the past or the future by blinding them.


More elaboration on the ritual needed to gain control of the Grey Fees.


It requires the Black Sword, Holy Grail, the Stone, Runestaff, and the blood of the Von Beks. Namely, because they are the guardians of the Holy Grail. Who share blood with Elric of Melnibone as they descend from his lineage. Which is relevant likely because of the fact Elric of Melnibone is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion. In this case Jack, and his sister who are the children of Elric of Melnibone. In Jack's case he is the Eternal Champion as revealed in The Eternal Champion. Taragorm is able to see into the past, and the future. He can travel through time as well. Also, more information is given about the conjunction of spheres. It has happened on a smaller scale such as in a hundred spheres, or a million spheres. However, the only time the entire multiverse became subject to the conjunction of spheres was when Elric of Melnibone blew the Horn of Fate giving the Lords of Law the ability necessary to defeat the Lords of Chaos across the entire multiverse.

Ravenbrand is the ancestral sword of the Von Beks which has been passed down throughout their family's history. It is another version of the Black Sword, and it is confirmed to have belonged to Satan. Otherwise known as the Devil.


The Von Beks were charged with the duty of protecting the Holy Grail by Satan, and as we know he is the progenitor of their family. Who is none other than Elric of Melnibone. Specifically, his son Onric (Jack d'Acre, and John Daker) and his daughter Onna started the family of Von Beks. The latter of which with Ulric Von Bek. This confirms once more that the Eternal Champion, and Lucifer are the same entity.


More on Lucifer in The War Hound and the World's Pain. He fought against the Lords of Chaos after a civil war erupted in Hell. After the battle, and meeting with God; he says God has charged him with "ruling" the Earth. This is when he leaves Hell. His mission is to bring enlightenment, and knowledge to humanity so that the world's pain may be cured. The Holy Grail was created by Lilith. Yes, the biblical one. Lucifer's destiny is tied to humanity, and the Von Beks. It is likely when he became the Eternal Champion.


Lucifer also notes that Hell is infinite in size but doesn't have infinite versions of itself. That Heaven is infinite in size too, and has infinite versions of itself unlike Hell.


Corum is able to fight, and defeat Arioch. After collecting his heart which was locked away in a realm which Arioch could not enter.


A battle ensues, and Arioch is incapable of hurting Corum. So, instead he plans on absorbing both Corum and his heart. This fails when Corum uses the Hand of Kwll to crush Arioch's heart. As a result Arioch is forced to retreat back into his realm. The Hand of Kwll is Corum's artificial hand.

Also, I just realize the Hand of Kwll is literally the Hand of Cool.

Oh, Michael Moorcock you cheeky bastard.

The Dead Gods are creatures of chaos. They are comparable to the Lords of Chaos, and with the aid of the Dead Gods the forces of chaos could have instantly conquered Elric's realm. Which is why Stormbringer, and Mournblade were made to keep them at bay. After Elric goes to face the Dead Gods, and save his wife Zarozinia he gives both of the black swords to Darnizhaan in exchange for the woman he loves. However, this is a trick. Elric uses sorcery to animate both of the black swords, and has them attack Danizhaan destroying him.


Universes in the Elric Saga are confirmed to be infinite in size once more. In Dancers at the End of Time.


I already went over the Ghost Worlds but in the Corum books it's made note of again that each version of Earth has many different planes or universes to it. Such as on Corum's version of the Earth where the various experts thought there were at least five planes to their Earth. However, recent studies by the Vadhagh and Nhadragh reveal that there are in fact many more than just five planes. Going by the information given to us in The Eternal Champion there is likely an infinite number of them. Once again corroborating the notion that the Elric Saga is in fact a megaverse composed of an infinite number of multiverses.


Probably, yeah. However, I like the series so I am going to catalog what I find as I read it. Next up is Jerry Cornelius another incarnation of the Eternal Champion.

After Dennis Beesley starts up the Beesley Steam Driven Calliopic the entire multiverse is flung into disarray. As time, and space is befuddled. Whatever this is threatens to destroy the multiverse, and Jerry Cornelius is able to navigate through it crossing an infinite distance on foot. After getting hit by Pluto (yes, the once planet) along the way. As universe upon universe changes, and he is flung between them. He is able to keep himself together, and intact as he changes between many versions of himself. His identity remaining the same. He then shuts the machine down. Which brings everything back to normal, and that includes the sun which had stopped moving as if frozen in time.


After this Jerry Cornelius uses the energy that was gathered by Una Persson for a device he created to bring Catherine back to life for a day. The resulting explosion of energy is felt across the entire multiverse. As everything in the room they are in Jerry Cornelius himself included is dispersed across the entire multiverse before reforming back into itself. It is noted that he is one of the few people able to retain his "identity" after this multiversal reformation. Some changes that happened as a result of this are Dennis Beesley, and his daughter becoming statues.


Also, been reading The Skrayling Tree. It confirms that the Elric Saga is a megaverse. It describes the multiverse as a tree. A branch is a sphere, and each branch has countless twigs which are each their own parallel world. So, spheres are actually infinite multiverses. Once you include Ghost Worlds these spheres become megaverses.


It once again notes that history is an illusion, and that all events happen at the same exact time in the Time Field.

More information on Kwll, and Rhynn. They are known as the Lost Gods. They exist outside of Law, Chaos, and Balance. Just like Agak, and Gagak they are more powerful than the Lords of the Higher Worlds. Just by himself Kwll couldn't defeat all of the Lords of Chaos (as in their combined forces) but with Rhynn's help he could. Then afterwards they banish the Lords of Law. So, that humanity in Corum's sphere no longer has to be subject to their machinations.

Corum's artificial hand, and artificial eye are literally theirs. After they tore them away from each other after breaking their vow to never fight. Rhynn's eye lets Corum see everything in time, and space. Kwll's hand lets him summon anyone, or anything in time and space.

Kwll makes note of the fact the Lords of the Higher Worlds are created by mortals, and that mortals are potentially more powerful than them. This is likely referencing the Grey Fees. Which create the First Ether (where the Lords of Law come from), and the Second Ether (where the Lords of Chaos come from). Which is noted to be a product of the desires, and dreams of everyone in the megaverse.

Tanelorn acts as the prison for Kwll, and Rhynn. However, it can only keep them contained so long as they are incomplete. In other words if Kwll gets his hand back, or Rhynn gets his eye back they have the energy necessary to escape.







scenes from the Elric The Balance Lost comics

I have been reading the Oswald Bastable series. Besides confirming that he is another incarnation of the Eternal Champion? It is confirmed that universes are once again infinite in size, and have an infinite number of different civilizations in them.


The multiverse is once again referred to as infinite. It is confirmed that the archetypes, or the original versions of things do not actually exist. There are only ghosts, and shadows. A myriad of alternate versions of the same thing that have no origin, or ending for that matter. Una Persson is the only unique thing in the multiverse. There are no other versions of herself.


Once again it is said there is an infinite number of dimensions, and just the concept of space itself has an infinite number of dimensions. That are constantly reproducing, and infinitely creating even more dimensions.


Elric: The Balance Lost confirms that the multiverse is infinite once again. It is once again described to be like a tree with each branch having a world, and the entire history of that world.


Billy Bob's ship the Spammer Gain is as large as a universe, and both Kwll and Rhynn are even larger than it.


Rhynn was able to destroy the Cosmic Balance so that both himself and his brother Kwll could have a Game of Time.


Billy Bob has a guitar that is powerful enough to ward away sliplings. They are comparable in size to the Spammer Gain which is the size of a universe, and are responsible for destroying the ships of Chaos Engineers. The sliplings are natives of the Second Ether. Which is used by Chaos Engineers like Billy Bob to traverse the multiverse.


Okay, moving on. The Warriors at the End of Time are powerful enough to hold their own against not only the armies of chaos but the armies of law too. Elric is able to summon them with the ring of sorcerer kings, and Eric Beck's version of the black sword.


As the Cosmic Balance is about to be repaired Rhynn notices this change, and stops Eric Beck from fixing it. Elric, Corum, and Hawkmoon realizing that there is no other way decide to become the Four Who are One. Eric Beck is meant to be the fourth member but Grayson Beck interrupts them. This leads to Elric, Corum, and Hawkmoon becoming the Three Who are One instead. The Three Who are One is equally matched by Rhynn, and is able to hold his own against both Kwll and Rhynn long enough for Eric Beck to restore the Cosmic Balance. Eric Beck does this by fusing with his brother Grayson Beck after their fight against each other is dragged across the entire multiverse. Alongside the battle between the Three Who are One, and the Lost Gods.


Sepiriz is confirmed to have existed throughout numerous cycles when the conjunction of spheres happen. He exists as a guardian of the balance. Sowing seeds of salvation, and destruction for each cycle.


Adding in the entire ending of The Dragon in the Sword. Since it heavily implies that the she-dragon creates a Dragon Gate that leads into the earth where Melniboné would rise, and that Ulric Von Bek becomes the first emperor.

Oh, and that Stormbringer and Mournblade were created from the remains of the Dragon Sword. They're much weaker since they don't have a literal dragon in them, and are reforged using the empty shards.


Here it is.


Specifically, he destroyed half the earth. It wasn't a claim that he could.

It was something he already did in the past.

I would simply bring up the fact that Elric of Melnibone is able to survive on moons, and inside of suns even before getting Stormbringer. It happens during his dream quests in Imrryr. So, he can both survive in the vacuum of outer space and in the environment of the interior of a sun. Besides, the typical sorcery like manipulating the elements. As well as necromancy.


Probably, someone will say this didn't actually happen because it was in one of his dream quests. However, something to remember is the fact the astral bodies Melniboneans have during these dream quests are perfect copies of their real bodies. They're tangible by having flesh, and blood. These dream quests are actually happening, and Rackhir even met other Melniboneans on their dream quests. When he was in his real body. These dream quests are actually happening, and when Melniboneans sleep on the dream couches? They get perfect copies of their actual bodies, and live different lives in other universes.


More on Michael Moorcock's Multiverse. Another comic book.

It is written by him so it's canon.

The most impressive feat in this series. Elric is able to absorb King Silverskin using Stormbringer. This entity embodies all of the Eternal Champions. After receiving this power Elric resets the spheres back to normal after everything in existence was reversed due the switching of polarity by the Lords of Law. They did this to have their perfect multiverse of neatness, and regulation for the sake of the original insect. Who seeks to devour the multiverse. Rose Von Bek reveals that the true form of the Holy Grail is the Spammer Gain.


Also, more on the original insect and spammer gain. They are counterparts of each other.


While the original insect hails from the first ether, and is the greatest representation of it? The spammer gain hails from the second ether, and represents it.

In The Skrayling Tree it is made a note of that the Spammer Gain is an elemental. The first elemental at that.


Taken from the Chronicles of Corum.


Arioch wrestled control over Corum's realm from Arkyn. A lord of law.

Only after Corum defeats Arioch can Arkyn regain any sort of control over it, and even then it takes a long time to replace the "logic" that Arioch left behind.

Taken from Michael Moorcock's Multiverse.

We see Duke Elric, and Flame Fang reunite after ten-thousand years. Flame Fang is a dragon, and revealed to be Elric's blood brother. After one of the people he is traveling with threatens the life of his brother he slays the man, and feeds his soul to his brother. So, that Flame Fang can be rejuvenated after ten-thousand years in solitude.

In the next issue we see Flame Fang back at the height of his strength after receiving his Skeffla'a, and we see him use his strange membrane to navigate his way across the multiverse. It is both psychic, and physical in nature this navigation system. After which he is able to find the right plane for the pyramid, and blast it with his fire breath. Thus releasing the Horn of Fate from its confines.

Also, there is even a cross-over between the Elric Saga and The Dancers at the End of Time. Where Elric meets Una Persson, and Lord Jagged. Mistress Christina, and The Duke of Queens are revealed to be Lords of Chaos. After meeting Arioch he brokers a deal with him to return home. However, the cost is that he can only recall these events in his dreams.

Taken from Elric at the End of Time.


Considering this I think it's safe to say the setting is multi-megaversal or omniversal.

It's also hypothesized that humanity originally came from a Ghost World, and it was humanity much like us. Which affirms this size.

That's not the only time Ghost Worlds are referred to as universes, and hosts of universes either.




More on it.

The conflict between Law, and Chaos is the internal struggle of the mortal soul. The death, and rebirth of reality is the mortal soul trying to reconcile how it perceives reality. Basically, it is very Zoroastrian.

Also, I didn't post it before because of how incredibly meta it was but Michael Moorcock exists in the setting. He gets the ideas for his stories in Marrakesh, and from Jack. Who is revealed to be The Jackal. More commonly known as Anubis who ferries the dead, and he is an expert in the Game of Time.





Once more we see that the moonbeams are roads leading into other realities, and which people literally walk across. It is so commonplace you can see the moonbeam roads littered with countless travelers making their way to other realities.



Also, something I left out because I didn't want to spoil it but since you're reading Dancers at The End of Time it is pertinent.


It is heavily implied that Lord Jagged and Arioch are the same person. That Lord Jagged is one of Arioch's guises, and that's why he could assume Arioch's identity so perfectly.

Also, some things from The Hollow Lands. The second book of The Dancers at The End of Time.

We learn that people with power rings can literally create fully-fledged solar systems. Which includes both planets, and stars. Not just miniature versions of them. It is said in Shanalorm they have access to technology that lets them use the whole energy of the cosmos, and they even have the capability to recreate the entire universe.



Lady Charlotina made a perfect recreation of Rome, and then disseminated it after the lions ate the population. In this Rome she created flying elephants too.


Okay, going to start talking about elementals. Besides being a major part of Elric's arsenal? They are powerful spirits that embody the elements, and are a match for denizens of chaos.

Elric can summon slyphs, sharnahs, and h'haarshanns. These are spirits of the wind. He can use them to manipulate the wind, and make things move much faster than normal.


Elric can summon Misha the Lord of the Winds, and we see the short of control it has over the weather. It is said to be as fast as sunbeams, and it is able to ravage armies.


Elric can summon Straasha. The Lord of Water. It noted how the spirits of water have been deadlocked with the forces of chaos since they have been growing in number on his Earth. The spirits of water are able to keep control of half of the ocean despite this. Whereas the forces of chaos control the dead fleet. Also, elementals exist between planes. They only partially exist in this reality while existing in their own realities. Which acts as their "home" for lack of a better word.


Elric can summon Fileet. The Lord of Birds. As well as Haaashaastakk. The Lord of Lizards. He mentions how he can summon elementals of air, fire, earth, water and ether. Not to mention entities who have affinities over the flora and fauna of Earth.


When Elric goes to get his revenge against Yyrkoon we see him summon an army of fire elementals to aid him. As he raids the dreaming city with them at his beck and call.


Elric can summon Nnuuurrrr'c'c of the Insect Folk. He is known as the King with Wings. The lord of insects, and what have you.


Also, we see that Artigkern is able to ravage multiple planets depriving them of water to the point there is nothing left. Artigkern is a denizen of chaos, and a fully-fledged Lord of Chaos.


After Elric rescues Straasha's sister the Phoorn led by Dyvim Mar use their venom to destroy Artigkern. Which is doubly impressive considering the fact Melniboneans are able to drink it with no adverse side-effects. Showing how ridiculous their resistance to poison is that even poisons that can effect Lords of Chaos don't work on them.


Also, more on Esbern Snare. The strongest werewolf we see in the setting. It is made clear that Esbern Snare was able to both defeat Arioch, and force him back into his own realm. Esbern Snare could not destroy him but Arioch lost his influence over the plane, and could no longer return to it. The act of doing so puts such a strain on Esbern Snare that the only thing that is left of himself is his wolf pelt. However, it is impressive regardless since it shows that if he pushes himself to death he can defeat Lords of Chaos and force them back into their own realm.


This is another big one, and it comes from The Quest for Tanelorn. It signals the end of Dorian Hawkmoon's story, and him finally returning home to the people he loves. Jack d'Acre assumes the form of Erekose once more, and helps bring an end to everything. It is revealed that the demonic spirit within Stormbringer was set free by slaying Elric of Melnibone in Stormbringer. It started to wane in power after the Silver Queen brought life back to Elric's world by renewing the sun in Phoenix in Obsidian. It takes an entirely new manifestation. Also, it is confirmed that Stormbringer and Mournblade were made from the Dragon Sword's remains. After a demonic spirit was used to replace the dragon that was set free during the beginning of the great cycle. The essence of this dark entity being split between the two black swords. However, after Mournblade was destroyed both halves of this essence entered Stormbringer. Then there was another aspect of this being sealed into the black jewel, and the chaotic half of this being fused back with the lawful half. This entity is the Anti-Balance. This dark entity wishes to destroy the multiverse, and leave only Tanelorn behind. Which it is capable of doing.

After which it returns, and enters Stormbringer once more after the black sword was found again on the South Ice. Erekose takes up this Stormbringer which is stronger than it has ever been, and forces it to submit to him. As he destroys the cosmic balance, and this time permanently. However, he would not let this dark entity destroy the multiverse and using his connection to Dorian Hawkmoon he has him use the Runestaff to stop it. Thus destroying Stormbringer, the Runestaff, the Black Jewel, and the Cosmic Balance. This frees the Eternal Champions from their immutable fate.

Jack d'Acre, John Daker, Dead Erekose, the White Wolf's Son meets his end with Ermizhad at his side. Dorian Hawkmoon returns home at last.

Now the whole multiverse would be free, and fate would no longer be set in stone.


A lot more updates.

Arioch's fiefdom includes a million supernatural realms, and as realms are noted to be spheres that means he has control over millions of megaverses. He is capable of destroying them all as noted by Elric.


Baron Kalan contributed to the Conjunction of a Million Spheres. He could freely manipulate time in any way that he wanted. There was nothing in the multiverse that could hurt him besides the Eternal Champions. Anything else passes through him doing him no harm. Ilian, one of the Eternal Champions, is able to slay him.






The cosmic balance acts as the regulator which controls the Grey Fees. By destroying it a person can become the new regulator, and take control of the Grey Fees.


When people go on dream quests they do more than just leave their bodies, and live their lives out in replica bodies across the multiverse. They even create the universes in question.


Elric notes how dangerous going on dream quests is, and that people create universes and series of universes in the best case scenarios. In the worst case scenarios they threaten to destroy absolutely everything in the multiverse. Just with their sorcery, and drugs.


Elric defeats Prince Gaynor the Damned. The Eternal Predator, and constant enemy of the Eternal Champion. He does so by summoning hundreds of Stormbringer's brothers and sisters. After which Stormbringer greedily devours every aspect of Gaynor. We see Elric breathe fire like a dragon too.


Sepiriz makes note of the fact that all black swords are as powerful as each other.


Straasha, the Lord of Water, embodies the gods of all oceans and has dominion over every ocean in the multiverse. He has his own sphere where the water spirits reside, and he opens a way for Elric to go back to the plane he was looking for. Elric swims his way through universes of water with Stormbringer, and every ocean in the multiverse before finally making it to his destination. His backstroke is to be feared.



The Four Who are One experience, and contain the entire multiverse within themselves.


Now here are some really crazy ones. These instances are taken from The Skrayling Tree.

Ulric von Bek, and Sepiriz are able to navigate their way around the Skrayling Tree. Which embodies, and encompasses the entire multiverse. Ulric Von Bek grows to the size of galaxies while he is on his search for his wife, and yet he is still but an insignificant speck when compared to the tree. There are gusts of wind that shake the branches, and twigs of the Skyraling Tree. The spheres, and realms which make up the multiverse. It is revealed that it is the breathing of one of the phoorn. The dragon relatives of the mernii. In fact, it is the greatest of them. The Great Wyrm. The World Serpent.






We learn more about the phoorn. How they conquered universes, and witnessed the death of galaxies. The mernii otherwise known as the melniboneans were the half-human, and half-phoorn offspring they had. Ouroboros was sickening because without his skefla'a he had no way to feed on the multiverse, and he was starving to death over the course of thousands of years. Normally, he would be immortal with his skefla'a. The unique membrane the phoorn have. Which is a problem as he is was chosen by the Soul of Creation to protect the Skyraling Tree as the greatest of the phoorn. Which means his starvation is poisoning the whole Skyraling Tree, and threatening to destroy the cosmic balance. Which is why he asks Ulric Von Bek as one of his descendants to bring an end to his life before that happens.



Here Elric who summons Lord Shaoshooan. A lord of wind. After which Prince Gaynor the Damned hacks away at the roots of the Skyraling Tree. Lord Shaoshooan is able to summon tornadoes powerful enough to cause damage to the Skrayling Tree and shake it. However, he is contained by the nine Kakatanawa.


Elric grievously wounds the World Serpent, and cuts into his spine with Stormbringer. After which we find out he was only pretending to side with Prince Gaynor in order to give the World Serpent back the skefla'a it so desperately needed. It turns out the shield was one part of the skefla'a, the talisman Elric had given Ulric is another part of it, and he uses his sorcery to conjure flames to fuse it back into the World Serpent's spine. Another thing to remember is at this point Ulric, and Elric are the size of galaxies. The World Serpent is still far larger than they are, and yet these flames he conjured could still do this before disappearing among the branches of the Skrayling Oak. A good speed feat for Elric's sorcery, and the fire he can conjure.


Ulric, Elric, and White Crow fuse together to become the Three in One. At which point their black swords fuse together, and become the first black sword. The so called "archetype" of the black sword. After which they restore the Cosmic Balance, and undo the damage to the Skyraling Tree.






Also, something I forgot earlier but Elric notes how it only takes three blows with the Horn of Fate to change the nature of the entire multiverse.

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More from The Dancers at the End of Time, and the Tales at the End of Time.

The Iron Orchid makes note of the fact of how easy it is to restore the sun, and create a new one if the one they have now burns out.


Another person moves a miniature sun he created with his power ring.


Lord Jagged creates two great suns, and then sends them flying away into the solar system.


More information on power rings, and what they can do.


Also, after reading The Flaneur des Arcade.

Monsieur Zenith is confirmed to be Elric of Melnibone on one of his dream quests. Also, Arioch is once more referred to as an archangel. Zenith is able to confer a soul upon Klosterheim, and make him mortal. When before he was immortal due to having no soul. He slays Klosterheim but keeps him trapped before his death, and forces him to live through the moment of his death until the end of time. This between eternity, and the void. Where the balance lays.




Also, earlier in the novel it's made clear that Klosterheim was a fallen angel. Who was one of Satan's greatest servants before Satan sought reconciliation with God. Which is further elaborated on in the ending. When Zenith makes note of the fact Klosterheim stood as Lucifer's right hand alongside Arioch.


This is taken from the The Revenge of the Rose.

We gets some references to The Dragon in the Sword, and how the dragon isle of Melniboné was formed. The three princesses Tayaratuka, Mishiguya, and Shanug’a are able to create three swords as powerful as Stormbringer. Which they plan to use in the coming battle against Gaynor. Those wielding these swords are a match for Lords of the Higher Worlds.

Prince Gaynor the Damned is empowered by the Lords of Chaos, and is able to summon their army into battle. Elric, Rose, the three sisters, and Charion Phatt fight against him. These six warriors are able to devastate half of the army of chaos before Gaynor changes the tide of the battle with his leech-sword which can phase between dimensions, and draw away Elric's life-force when their swords clash against each other.

Elric, and Rose summon the Tangled Woman. Who seems to be an extremely powerful cosmic entity. Who devastates Gaynor's army, and forces him to retreat.


Elric, and Rose get Sadric's soul back from Arioch by giving him Prince Gaynor the Damned's soul instead. After which they trap Count Mashabak's soul into the soulbox using Stormbringer. In this instance Stormbringer is able to channel the life-force of the multiverse, devour Count Mashabak's soul, and then transfer it into the soulbox. Count Mashabak is a Lord of Chaos, and a rival of Arioch who Arioch had captured and had been torturing earlier.


Here is the novelization of this scene.



Also, Elric confirming that it only takes three blows with the Horn of Fate to change the multiverse. Which opens a way to the Grey Fees in this instance.


More on Limbo, or the Middle March it exists between each version of Earth and is a universe. Which has both stars, and constellations. So, now we have yet more to each branch within the Skrayling Tree. Besides the Ghost Worlds, and alternate versions of Earth. Which are their own universes too.


More on Limbo from the Dreamthief's Daughter, and the Skrayling Tree. It seems to have some measure of agency, and is able to cause many of the branches to sway and break. Those who play the Game of Time are able to keep Limbo from destroying the branches, and ensure the multiverse remains in a stable condition. It seems to want everything to be consigned to oblivion. It exists between life and death being an endless nothingness.





Michael Moorcock is one of the players in the Game of Time.


Also, in Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles... in the Doctor's dreams it is heavily implied that he has become the node from which the entire multiverse is focused. Which corroborates the themes we see in The Skrayling Tree. Namely, that when you destroy the cosmic balance you become it. Which is what Jack/Erekose does in The Quest for Tanelorn.


Okay, more information.

Besides his connection to it? It is referred to as the roogalator. The Arrow of Artemis. The fulcrum of the Cosmic Balance.





More stuff from The Dragon in the Sword.

Going by the description the Dragon Sword may very well be the archetype of the black sword. It has a twin, and this is most likely referring to the white sword we see in Elric: The Balance Lost and Michael Moorcock's Multiverse. They both had dragons sealed within them. The black sword, and the white sword. Law, and Chaos fought for them disrupting the entire multiverse in the process. The black sword was made of chaos to conquer chaos, and this means the white sword was likely made of law to conquer law.


We learn about the Six Realms which are separate from Earth, and its parallel versions. Belonging to the Maaschaneem system instead. Which is referred to as the Wheel. There are other systems besides the Skrayling Tree. So, Elric's theory that there might be more than one Skrayling Tree seems to be correct.


More on time-travel. Just speaking of the future when you are prescient to anyone risks the chance of creating another branch of the Skrayling Tree. The same goes with time-travel. So every time someone speaks of the future, or time-travels another branch in the Skrayling Tree is made.

This is taken from The Skrayling Tree.


Elric fights, and slays Pyaray. A lord of chaos, and the leader of Hell's naval fleet. Stormbringer absorbs his soul, and transfers his essence over to Elric. Taken from Stormbringer.


Also, from the same book. I will bring up another piece of equipment in Elric's arsenal. The chaos shield. Which can protect him from the influence of chaos, and chaotic beings.


Something that I missed the first time I read it but it seems to be heavily implied that Michael Moorcock himself is an Eternal Champion.

Taken from The Sanctuary of the White Friars.


He even references the Eternal Consort in all of her aspects, and how they were all "his girls."

Another thing to note is that Michael Moorcock has met, and drunk beer with numerous fictional characters including both Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor. Who he can conjure into existence.


Michael Moorcock has access to the moonbeam roads.


Michael Moorcock may have been the one who created his fictional multiverse but Limbo has always been there before then. He created his multiverse to fill the empty space-time. He was unaware of Limbo's existence until the events of this story. When he learns about his true nature as an Eternal Champion.


So, uh, found another huge plot twist as I was reading The Sanctuary of the White Friars.


The Grey Fees, and Limbo? They are the same thing.

Which means it is a byproduct of humanity despite predating the multiverse. I am confused. I guess it goes like this:

First there was our Earth. Then humanity was born, and therefore the Grey Fees (which is Limbo) came into being. Which retconned reality somehow so that it always existed to begin with. Then the Cosmic Balance came into being as the regulator of the Grey Fees, which made Michael Moorcock as likely the first Eternal Champion. Who then proceeded to create the rest of the multiverse barring the Lost Universe, and the Lost Gods.

Another tidbit from The Revenge of the Rose.

Stormbringer does not exist in the past, present, or future. It is beyond the understanding of everyone in the Lower, Middle, and Higher Worlds.


Also, I want to talk a little bit about Oone the Dreamthief. Elric of Melnibone meets her in The Fortress of the Pearl, and she becomes one of his many lovers. She is the mother of his two children, and she is a dreamthief.

Now what is a dreamthief? They are people who take the dreams or rather dream quests of other people, and give them to others. They can enter the dream quests other people are having, and steal things from them. Which they sell to others for a profit. It is called the Dream Market, and they travel across the multiverse for their profession.

Once again Elric makes it clear that sorcery is an extension of this. That magic is a person bringing their dreams into reality, and forcibly imposing their will upon it. That even his own world was made this way.

Another thing to note is that Lords of the Higher World take over, and assimilate realms just by entering them. They change them to suit them the moment they enter them. We see Arioch do this but he is not the only one. Beelzebub can too.

Taken from Elric: The Balance Lost.


Time for some more lore, and world building!

Taken from The Blood Red Game. We learn of the Originators. Who are responsible for seeding life on all worlds across the multiverse, and the life which they intended to be their successors. Renark von Bek is once again referenced as unique, and that his soul permeates all of reality. He is one of the Eternal Champions.

Also, some really good speed feats and instances of various characters flying around the multiverse. Renark, and Asquiol are given the knowledge of the Originators when they find them inside of a sun at the center of the multiverse.





Another thing:

Space is again referred to as infinite in The Black Corridor.


Something I forgot to mention before but there are two aspects of the Anti-Balance. The chaotic one which was sealed into Stormbringer, and Mournblade. Then the lawful one which was sealed into the black jewel embedded in Dorian Hawkmoon's forehead.


It was the smiths that made not only the black swords and white swords but also the Cosmic Balance itself. Which included Sepiriz, and the Nihrain. Who now safeguard the Cosmic Balance they created. This was in order to tip the balance in the favor of the Lords of Law.

So, I was reading some of the books I haven't touched in years again. Besides the fact that the Eternal Champion was Lucifer Morningstar?

Taken from Behold the Man.


He is Jesus Christ too. Yeah, the son of god.

The biblical one.

What a yarn ball of confusion this must be for him.

"Begone Satan! Who is also me!"

And this makes sense because Lucifer left hell, and became the "ruler of earth" which in hindsight was probably talking about this.
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Since I now have a way to easily screen-cap excerpts from the Second Ether trilogy? I will be posting some stuff.

Taken from Blood.

Jack, and another jugador play a game. They create a multiverse within the infinitely sized dimension they reside in. Where they manipulate every aspect of it. Including the plot, and sub-plots. History. The events that happen therein. Etcetera. Defined as a tenth dimensional space: It's a Mandelbrot multiverse but one among many they create. They are even able to contain it in a section of the place they're in.




Once again, the multiverse is referred to as infinite in size by Rose von Bek. Jack disagrees but it's made clear throughout the story that she is actually correct, and even knows more about Jack than he himself does. Between the two of them? Rose von Bek is far more informed about the nature of reality than Jack is.


Fractals are brought up again, and Chaos Engineers can reach all the way up to infinity.


Jack is only able to actually recreate the whole Skrayling Tree with Pearl's assistance. It's a temporary power-up. I repeat somebody who can casually create and control Mandelbrot multiverses does not have enough power to recreate the Skrayling Tree by themselves. Once again proving that the Skrayling Tree is beyond the scope of Mandelbrot multiverses. It's only when Jack is "complete" does he have the power necessary to do this.




Oh, and of course I can't forget: Quelch is expliclity noted to embody part of the human psyche, and notes within some internal monologue that he was born in the mediterranean. He's a Lord of Law. He is not a Lost God.




Taken from The War Amongst the Angels.

The Second Ether is infinite in scale.


The Spammer Gain has to scale down to infinity. Meaning that it can reach scales above infinity.


Moving on from the Second Ether? I am going back to the Von Bek trilogy.

Taken from The City in Autumn Stars.

The multiverse is once again referred to as infinite. In this sequence we learn Mercury, Io, and Zeus are incarnations of the Eternal Champion.


Lucifer took charge of the holy grail, and kept it safe in hell. As we all know the Spammer Gain is the holy grail, and frequents the Second Ether.


Now for The Dragon in the Sword.

There are infinite parallel worlds.


In The Meta-Temporal Detective the moonbeam roads are referred to as infinite.


It took me forever to find but Internet Archive also has The End of All Songs. Which again confirms that the multiverse is infinite, and that more exists outside of the Time Field. Also, it once again confirms that universes are infinite.



In the sixth, we would see a plane of possible worlds, where we could compare and position all the possible universes that start with the same initial conditions as this one (i.e. the Big Bang). In theory, if you could master the fifth and sixth dimension, you could travel back in time or go to different futures.

In the seventh dimension, you have access to the possible worlds that start with different initial conditions. Whereas in the fifth and sixth, the initial conditions were the same and subsequent actions were different, here, everything is different from the very beginning of time. The eighth dimension again gives us a plane of such possible universe histories, each of which begins with different initial conditions and branches out infinitely (hence why they are called infinities).

In the ninth dimension, we can compare all the possible universe histories, starting with all the different possible laws of physics and initial conditions. In the tenth and final dimension, we arrive at the point in which everything possible and imaginable is covered. Beyond this, nothing can be imagined by us lowly mortals, which makes it the natural limitation of what we can conceive in terms of dimensions.

By the way, the fact that the spaces jugadors create have ten dimensions to them would imply this about their size.

Though I put little to no stock in this because it veers into VSB nonsense. :thunk

Generally, I just think of Michael Moorcock's Multiverse as another omniverse by Marvel's standards.

The cosmic hand. As mentioned by Michael Moorcock in a forward written by him for the Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melnibone. Which was published in 2008.


Maximilian Silverskin lets loose. He is another incarnation of the Eternal Champion, and puts on quite a show as he restores one particular version of Tanelorn called Karadur.

Taken from Silverheart.





Another thing to note about Zoroastrianism is that things are both infinite and finite in it. Which explains why the multiverse is so contradictory about it, and why Michael Moorcock mentions both infinites and finites.

It's not because one or the other exists. It's because both exist at once.

In The Cornelius Chronicles this is elaborated on in the cosmogonies. Taken from the second volume.


Both infinite, and finite exist.

Also, taken from The Life and Times of Jerry Cornelius.

Just like in Zoroastrianism? It's only the disembodied consciousness that can explore cosmic infinite, and both the consciousness and universe are connected. They contain each other.


Just to elaborate further on the reconciliation.



Furthermore, just to illustrate how tiny the scale jugadors work in is compared to the Skrayling Tree? While they can create 10th dimensional geometries? The Skrayling Tree is measured in thousands.

Taken from The Dreamthief's Daughter.


Already went over the Zoroastrianism. Now for Three Hearts, and Three Lions. Which serves as the other inspiration for the cosmology of Michael Moorcock's Multiverse.


In The King of Swords it's noted that the multiverse is infinite again.


Taken from The Time Dweller. Here we learn more about the megaflow, and chronons. Chronons constitute possible futures, and there are an infinite number of them. It's also revealed that Earth is constantly eating timelines. Also, confirmation that other timelines are their own separate universes.


I mentioned earlier with The End of All Songs that Lord Jagged can travel to other parts of the Great Cycle. The Great Cycle refers to The Conjunction of Spheres. When the multiverse gets rebooted. So, the other versions of the Skrayling Tree still exist across the megaflow. It's heavily implied that Sepiriz, and the other Nihrain also have access to the other Skrayling Trees.

Taken from The Dragon in the Sword.


Just to further add to this there's an alternate version of the same Dorian Hawkmoon in The White Wolf's Son that never used the Red Amulet.

Taken from The White Wolf's Son.



So, not only are there an infinite myriad of Eternal Champions? Each of those Eternal Champions have divergent copies that exist across the megaflow. Where they chose to do different things at pivotal moments in their history.

This thread is a bit old but somebody asked about different multiverses, and whether they are connected in Michael Moorcock's Multiverse. On a thread where Michael Moorcock himself used to chime in.

Well I did do a 'Bible' for DC some time ago where I elected to rationalise the two different kinds of superhero (magic, like Cpt Marvel and 'realistic' as in Superman) and it drew my own multiverse, of course, and the DC universe together in many ways, but nobody ever asked me to do it for Marvel...

The only way it works for me logically is the idea of 'nesting' universes, separated by scale and thus unseen by one another but sensed. That's why I have aether ships going 'upscale' and 'downscale' -- essentially changing their mass and size. But I'm also not sure if a geometrical model is a useful one when a 'natural' model (branches on a tree, say) seems to correspond better with life as we know it...

He confirms that everything he wrote for DC was meant to intertwine his world and the DC world together. He considers them canon to each other. He also considers the Marvel crossovers with Conan canon to his multiverse but he's not sure exactly if it goes both ways for Marvel like it does DC. As he was not asked to intertwine them like he was for DC.

DC and Moorcock's Multiverse is further intertwined via Tom Strong. Which is published by DC, and written by Moorcock.

Also Count Zodiac is one of the evil Eternal Champions, and with his version of the black sword he was threatening to summon three Lords of Chaos (Arioch, Xiom, and Atrqua). Who were going to destroy the whole DC multiverse. He's stopped before he can accomplish this though.

Through the power of white washing. Yes, really.

Tom Strong #32.





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To further elaborate the DC Bible that Michael Moorcock mentions is nearly identical to Grant Morrison's map of the multiverse. So, that might have been a case of DC covertly stealing more shit from Moorcock. Since Moorcock signed some sorta agreement that prevents him from saying more about it.



Just to add more to this. Which is probably why he can't talk more about it. They had a deal going on, and paid him for it. However, for some reason they kept it hush hush.

Also, Michael Moorcock himself confirming that not only are there other Eternal Champions but the same version of an Eternal Champion has temporal duplicates in alternate timelines. As I elaborated on earlier.

He also once again refers to his multiverse, and the stories therein as... infinite.


EverKing has got the gist of it down. This is basically how MMM works.


Just some stuff from the graphic novels. All published by DC.

The Making of a Sorcerer #1

Varnik using Stormbringer to free the phoorn.


The Making of a Sorcerer #2

Normal worlds and ghost worlds are differentiated again. They are not the same. Also, travelers on the moonbeam roads don't just walk to these worlds. They also create them. Dream quests constitute all of reality, and there's even a fictional version of our world among them. When the dreaming stops everywhere all of the multiverse disappears. As the multiverse is the product of all dreams. Dream questing is specifically the power to make "the unreal into reality." As I established before.

The best part is that Elric does all of this without Stormbringer.


The Making of a Sorcerer #1

As I mentioned earlier. Something you gain during dream quests stays with you after you wake.

And even while you sleep it can manifest in reality, and protect you.






As for why Elric doesn't keep Stormbringer after getting it in his earlier dream quests it's because one of the Elemental Lords sealed it away before he woke. It was Grome in specific.

Also taken from the first issue.


Then a thousand years later Grome still remembers their meeting and compact. Elric however doesn't remember because as I mentioned before all that remains is the power you gain. Your memories of it dissipate over time but the magic stays forever.

This would be issue five.



Also, Michael Moorcock mentions Radiant Time because it's a separate facet of the multiverse and extension of the creator's mind. Not the people therein. Which brings me back to what I mentioned with The Time Dweller. The Whispering Swarm elaborates on this. Infinite Radiant Time exists on the quasi-infinite multiverse structures he mentions. Radiant Time, and divergent time-lines. Which are infinite. Which I already established were different universes.

The Time Dweller.


The Whispering Swarm.


Once again the multiverse is referred to as having infinite realms, and that moonbeams are roads that extend from different spheres. Which means anyone who is able travel across them is moving pretty darn fast. Considering the fact that each of them is supposed to be infinite in size.

In The Eternal Champion we see the multiverse brought up again, and it is noted that it is infinite. It is revealed that Tanelorn exists at the center of the multiverse, and never decays like other worlds. It is forever like the Eternal Champion.

Also, in the same series it is revealed that the Eternal Champion and the Black Sword are always bound for each other. The Eternal Champion is the only person who can truly wield it. Which adds credence to the idea that Lucifer was one of his incarnations. As he was able to use it.

Also, the book introduces the Ghost Worlds. Which are worlds that exist alongside a normal version of Earth. They are actually solid, and they each exist in their own dimension. There is an infinite number of them for every version of Earth. We already know there are an infinite number of Earths.

And decided to double check.Phoenix in Obsidian actually has John Daker refer to the alternate dimension containing a Ghost World as a universe.

That's not the only time Ghost Worlds are referred to as universes, and hosts of universes either.


The Skrayling Tree confirms that the Elric Saga is is much larger than just a single megaverse. It describes the multiverse as a tree. A branch is a sphere or realm, and each branch has countless twigs which are each their own parallel world. So, spheres are actually infinite multiverses. Once you include the Ghost Worlds these spheres or realms become megaverses.


The Eternal Champion makes it clear that the Ghost Worlds are connected to a version of Earth rather than being a version of Earth, and are different than it existing parallel to a version of Earth. They do not exist in time, and space. The Eldren are stated to have likely come from there, and people from Ghost Worlds do not have souls.


Taken from the Oswald Bastable series from Michael Moorcock's Multiverse.Once again it is said there is an infinite number of dimensions, and just the concept of space by itself has an infinite number of dimensions. That are constantly reproducing, and infinitely creating even more dimensions.


Just speaking of the future when you are prescient to anyone risks the chance of creating another branch of the Skrayling Tree. The same goes with time-travel. So every time someone speaks of the future, or time-travels another branch in the Skrayling Tree is made.


More on Limbo, or the Middle March it exists between each version of Earth and is a universe. Which has both stars, and constellations. So, now we have yet more to each branch within the Skrayling Tree. Besides the Ghost Worlds, and alternate versions of Earth. Which are their own universes too.


Space is again referred to as infinite in The Black Corridor.


Just a single universe has so many dimensions to it that there is no empty space, and keep in mind universes are already infinite in Michael Moorcock's Multiverse. These dimensions are all populated, and behave as their own universes.


There is one infinite hell, and an infinite number of heavens which are each infinite.


As noted in The Whispering Swarm we see that every piece of fiction exists across the Skrayling Tree. Which includes Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, and other popular folklore heroes.


Also, Doctor Who and Michael Moorcock's Multiverse are canon to each other as of Doctor Who: The Coming of Terraphiles. Which was published by BBC, and written by Michael Moorcock. Which revealed that the Doctor was one of the Eternal Champions.



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As for a proper tier list:

Tier 0: Basically, their Presence or TOAA equivalent.
  • The Cosmic Hand
Tier 1: The big guys. They can basically manhandle the entire multiverse with few exceptions.
  • Four Who are One
  • The Lost Gods: Kwll & Rhynn
  • Agak and Gagak
  • Three Who Are One/Three In One
  • Elric w/King Silverskin & Maximilian Silverheart w/the four ikons or any other equivalents... these are Eternal Champions who have become whole in some way and there's more than a few
  • Stormbringer as the Anti-Balance & John Daker who was able to bring it to heel, and replace the Cosmic Balance
  • The Cosmic Balance, which regulates and controls the Grey Fees
  • The Grey Fees
Tier 2: Law and Chaos bend over for them.
  • The Original Insect
  • The Spammer Gain, otherwise known as the Holy Grail
  • The Dragon Sword, before it was broken into pieces and used to forge Stormbringer and Mournblade
  • Corum w/Hand of Kwll and The Eye of Rhynn
  • Elric w/Horn of Fate
  • Eternal Champions who have mastered the power of their dream quests or found their personal version of Tanelorn (Elric, Corum, Erekose, Dorian, etcetera)
  • The Eternal Predator known as Prince Gaynor the Damned who is a former Eternal Champion who now seeks to destroy himself, and is capable of destroying the Skrayling Tree
  • Ouroboros, otherwise known as The World Serpent, comparable in size to the Skrayling Tree, arguably the most powerful of the phoorn, and whose lifeforce is tied directly to the multiverse... it dies and the multiverse goes with it
Tier 3: Law and Chaos, or The First Ether and Second Ether respectively.
  • Lucifer & Donblas the Justice Maker... however Lucifer is all but stated to be an Eternal Champion and has his own black sword known as Ravenbrand he gave to the Von Beks, and whenever he serves under the role of the EC he's much higher than this
  • Archdukes of Hell & Old Reg (referred to as Satan, and likely the Lawful aspect of Lucifer)
  • The Sword Rulers: Arioch the Knight of Swords, Xiombarg the Queen of Swords, and Mabelode the King of Swords
  • Dukes of Hell & Chaos Engineers, The Dead Gods like Danizhaan, and Lords of Law like Arkyn (he might also be another Eternal Champion) and Quelch
Tier 4: While not on the same level as Law or Chaos they come close.
  • Eternal Champions who are wholly ignorant of who they are, but who still receive massive buffs due to their status
  • Any sorcerer of extreme repute, say for example Baron Kalan who could prematurely cause The Conjunction of Spheres
  • Elemental Lords, and the Grey Lords of Tanelorn
  • Bog-standard human beings who are not beholden to Law or Chaos, and anything with a soul that doesn't serve either The First Ether or the Second Ether, and some mortals like Esbern Snare can hit way above their weight class and defeat Arioch at the cost of their lives
  • Sorcerers who serve either Law or Chaos, or as I like to call them the bottom feeders
  • Beasts or animals, and anything without a soul
I didn't include jugadors or players in the Game of Time because they can be in most of the tiers. A lot of people in each tier have been a jugador at some point, and their power varies wildly between each of them.
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bumping this bc I wanted to ask, I haven’t read Sailor in the Seas of Fate yet though I own the books and plan to soon, how faithful is the comic to it? I noticed either Agak or Gagak in the comic tells the Four Who Are One their universe is layered with many dimensions, and the Four cut through “tens of thousands” of those dimensions to draw power to slay them. I know you have a quote somewhere about there being an infinite amount of higher dimensions just for space but if that applies to every single universe, given the way the Scaling property works in the books that’s kind of fucking insane???


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Don't think I have gone over The War Amongst the Angels all that much. Here is a choice bit from it.

Lucifer/Satan, the Old Reg incarnation of him specifically, sharing the blood of the Holy Grail with both Jack and Zenith, and referring to the black blade as himself. Again alluding to the fact he is an Eternal Champion. Zenith literally having angelic silver wings. As one of the Eternal Champions, and likely incarnation of Lucifer to begin with. Lucifer also makes it absolutely clear that he doesn't need to play the Game of Time to bring any of his power to bare, and that he can destroy the multiverse any time he wants.

Taken from The War Amongst the Angels.





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And here is a good thread debunking a lot of Sully's fan-fiction over at Spacebattles. Starting here:

If anyone tries to dismiss the Vanishing Tower feat, and the manifestation of Three-Who-Are-One, as the actual result of a "bomb."


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Another lie of Sully's, that people on higher scales can't interact with people on lower scales. Not only can they interact with lower scales? The lower scales can also interact with them as fleas. The act of moving up in scale gives you power over everyone beneath you in scale. It makes you into a god compared to them, and gives you power over them.

Michael Moorcock himself corroborates this, and suffice to say he is a higher authority on this than some fucking retard on Spacebattles.


As I noted elsewhere? Mortals control this downscaling and upscaling themselves when they gain conscious control of it. As jugadors for example.

Literally what I cited in that very thread makes it clear that people have to consciously enact these transformations. That is part of becoming a jugador.

And jugadors can do this.



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And even when they don't have any control? They subconsciously do this. It is not a result of the multiverse itself. It is a result of the fact mortals are a fundamental part of the higher cosmology.

Renark, another jugador himself, notes how powerful mortals are. In The Black Blade's Song.



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Also, even Elric's daughter learned from the jugadors.

It is also made clear that even Elric's daughter knows about the mukhamirim (aka, jugadors) and was taught their ways by both her mother and the mukhamirim masters. There is a clear connection between jugadors and people who dream quest or any dream thieves.

Taken from The Skrayling Tree.