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Also, can't help but feels that this fellow definitely hasn't seen lb7 and Ordeal Call prologue
Interesting to note that based on current JP lotto event (which is based on Takeshi's castle), Morgan still have access to Rhongo even as Servant.
Seems SB assumption that Morgan's Rhongo are ones that attached on her castle is completely wrong

I honestly believe the Spear we see her shoot in her Extra Attack and the Spears that come down during her Noble Phantasm are meant to be Rhongomyniad but that's my hot take.


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Iirc Morgan's Rhongo is actually a form of spell craft she can just use whenever. The physical ones she has on her castle are manifestations of that spellcraft she's been building up over the years to deal with Cerny.

Unlike Kagekiyo's, Muramasa's actually does clarify how his shit works and even goes into decent descriptions too(Obviously as Nasu created Senji, it makes sense that his Profiles tend to be the most descriptive).

What's truly weird is that Nasu never stated in the profile that Muramasa's Noble Phantasm kills him... but he explicitly states his Skill Flames: EX actually does to emulate how he died in LB6.2(And was gonna implement a 2 Turn Stun to avoid the Arash route but stopped only due to how early Muramasa came in)...

Flame: EX
Using one's whole body and soul to work the forge, to the point of burning themself.

At the end of a pilgrimage, his actions on the "Inner Sea of the Planet" were engraved in the Throne of Heroes, resulting in the creation of this skill.

It is Similar in nature to Altria Caster's Holy Sword Creation but it only affects Muramasa Gains 50% NP Gauge, applies Special Attack against Evil, Special Attack against Threats to Humanity and Increases NP damage

As a side note, this skill was supposed to have a 2-turn stun after use (actually, it should have killed him straight up, but that would be too convenient), but since he was implemented earlier than Chapter 6 of Part 2, the stun was removed to prevent spoilers. Instead, the effect was changed to a simple skill effect. [1]

Unalloyed Blade Works

Rank: A+
NP Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1 - 10
Maximum Targets: 10
Tsumukari Muramasa.

A Noble Phantasm that creates the ultimate sword. After deploying a unique Reality Marble, a wasteland of countless swords similar to the Heroic Spirit Emiya's Unlimited Blade Works, all the swords shatter and scatter like snow crystals to reveal a single blade in Senji Muramasa's hands. A single slash of this cuts time, space, and even fate.

"Every path, every desire, every injustice... All of it has been for this single swing."

The blade's name: Tsumukari Muramasa. The term Tsumukari refers to Tsumukari-no-Tachi, the sacred sword of Ama-no-Murakumo/Kusanagi that emerged from the tail of Japan's greatest serpent and calamity, the monster with red eyes, eight heads and a length spanning eight valleys called Yamata-no-Orochi, which was killed by Susanoo-no-Mikoto.

According to one theory, "kusa (草)" is a word that indicates a degree of origin[3] and "zo (雑)" is a word related to cutting, which together give Kusanagi the meaning of "a sword that can cut well and frighteningly". (Another theory gives it the meaning of "sword that came out of a snake," since Kusa means odor and Nagi means a snake.)

Generally speaking, it is said that the name of the sword "Kusanagi" is a name linked to the later Yamato Takeru[4] legend. However, Motoori Norinaga says in the Kojikiden that the sword was actually called the Kusanagi sword from the moment Susanoo took it in his hand[5]

Maybe I'm overthinking it or maybe when we saw Caster Muramasa in Shimousa(Yeah Nasu confirmed that was Caster Muramasa there), it only "killed him" as he stated his duty was complete.
I'm just stating that it's weird Nasu left that part out unless he ultimately retconned that Muramasa dies after using his NP to avoid an Arash situation... or what Muramasa actually makes isn't a true Divine Construct.
Btw, @Xhominid The Apex , for LB3 part, you didn't make one for Lanling? Granted, he's less of a fighter and more of a support

It's more he literally doesn't do anything and he would be even more barebones than Ganesha and thus, I elected not to do him at all as it would just be "Lan Ling is horribly used because Hinako/Yu Mei-Ren sucks as a Master" over and over again while basically just bringing in his Materials otherwise.
Well, it's Lostbelt 6 time by tomorrow, I'll see if it lives up to the hype or I end up like Type-Rey in the end lol.

Also everyone and their mother has officially lost their shit at Tam Lin being the official localization of Faerie Knight(It makes sense in terms of what the Knights embody but holy shit Nasu lol) on the streams and in the Reddit hahaha


While i don't think LB6 was the best thing since fresh bread, it wasn't the one who broke my spirit.

So..should be okay.
>Goes to Reddit
>See everyone in r/FGO lose their shit over the Tam Lin change to an unbelievable degree
>People are full well using the wrong stories to point out why Tam Lin makes no sense
>Meanwhile Beast's Lair is just confused and rolls with it and GameFAQs and other people are just meh about it

It's really funny they lose their shit this hard when the LB title should have them scratching their heads considering it's technically wrong and right at the same time(Seriously Hoshi sucks as a term)