Which show was worse. velma or she hulk


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Velma caused the internet to collectively shit on it, but She-Hulk doomed the entire MCU into being the internet's laughingstock.

It's She-Hulk.

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she hulk is cheesy and i didn't really pick it up after the second episode. it was intentionally cheesy so i didn't really truly feel a burning hatred for it, so id say velma would be worse in terms of comedic, goofy value. albeit im a tad biased because i love tatiana maslany

for velma, there was an unexpected line about daphne's hair being the color of buffalo wings that made me audibly laugh. but sadly this was the only joke that amused me--and the only joke where the cheese was done right and the fourth wall was used correctly. it's self aware in a uncreative way. i cant even call it particularly pompous, either.
it's just childishly smug, and punishes almost every viewer watching it by demonizing certain characters on a rather weak basis
that said, i don't *hate* it. i nothing it. i don't feel betrayed because i don't consider it part of the scoohy franchise.

if it weren't for kaling's smugness and the way the writing was done, it could've been really interesting especially sam richard's portrayal of a straight laced shaggy. actually, he's probably the only redeeming quality of the entire show. it's not snide self-awareness and the way they wrote him to mock tired tropes was actually tolerable and interesting
tbqh if there was a norville show that didn't focus on smug politicized self-awareness it'd be a banger because sam richard is the GOAT
but i dread it. we get a glimpse into kaling's narcissism, boring mockery that's best left for twitter, and half-baked (hehe) ideas about lesbianism and character dynamics. it isn't about velma or daphne finding their footing. it isn't about securing the strong friendships they have with one another that makes these characters themselves. it's just trite overly self-aware commentary that strays so far from the dynamics that you can't excuse it by saying "it's a spin-off, with no relation to scooby doo"
there were far better avenues to explore and they picked the mundane one, and the less intelligent one

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Answer: Both
Justification: Haven't seen them

I watched a few vids on Velma and it's kind of just Mindy talking about all men having small penises and being shit.

I laughed even harder when I heard she sexually harrassed some dude during shooting a scene in some show by kissing him without permission.

But you know, no all of us men are the bad guys. We're the terrible awful assaulters!

Fuck you Mindy. Fuck you.

Like these days I would typically lean liberal on many political topics but this is just awful, disgusting, hateful, writing and as a man, I will not sit there and be insulted for doing nothing but living my life in peace and minding my own business.

This is such stupid writing too, if you want to teach someone, you take a situation, you replace the controversial subjects with easier to swallow equivalents, and you make a good show that makes people feel the emotions of the characters.
Then they learn without realizing they were being taught because they emotionally connected with the show.

Generalizing and being a condescending cunt just makes people want to stay as they are just to spite you.

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We all owe Scrappy Doo an apology, his Reign of terror wasn't this bad

At least he actually was popular among kids


I haven't watched Velma but She-Hulk just seemed forgettable rather than egregious. Marvel has never been sacred ground or anything if that's the concern. For the most part the MCU is an inverted shit sandwich and they've fumbled the other TV shows too. I thought Wandavision was the most promising as it got lightly sinister but they padded it with the FBI shite and the usual 3D models hitting one another ending.
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