Calc Sukuna Flame Arrow(Mappa Crunch Edition)

Well, in the episode 17 of Jujutsu Kaisen S2, Sukuna during him battle with Mahoraga, Sukuna after cast his Domain Expansion for a time, him decide to use "The Flame Arrow" to overcome Mahoraga regeneration and adaptation in one-hit.

Now, im using the ImageMeter app to get the sizes of the crater diameter/radius, the buildings and the flame pillar height.
To know the size of one of the buildings that was "near" to the flame Pillar of the flame arrow, i use one of the windows size of a neighbor building.
Getting that the visible height of the building is 108.4 meters.

With that i get that the visible part of the flame pillar is like 520.4 meters of tall.
Now for the crater left behind, i use Shibuya 109 build as reference to get the diameter of the crater, the 109 had 50m of height, so knowing that i get 519.4 meters.
Note: This sizes are possibly shorter that the actual real size, cuz the pictures are lacking of a real form to get the angular distance, but is one of the more accurate measures.

Knowing all that, we can get the volume, i gonna use Cone Volume value, to avoid any inaccuracies during the calculation part.

To get the volume is needed the base radius and the height, the heights is the same mentioned above, 520.4m and the base radius is the middle of the diameter of the crater so 259.7meters.

Cone Volume is (1/3)*(π)*(259.7^2)*(520.4)=36754439.577511 cubic meters.

In cubic centimeters is 36754439.577511*1e+6=36754439577511 cubic centimeters.

But, we also need to mutiply that with 0.8 cuz the buildings are 80% hollows.

36754439577511*0.8=29403551700000 cubic centimeters.

And the last part, is how get the energy that the flame arrow generate. For vaporization of concrete the value is 5304J/cc, so is only multiply that with the volume.
29403551700000*5304=1.55956438e17 joules or 37 Megatons of TNT.

So if we used all the perspective that the anime showed we get that Sukuna with 15 fingers Flame Arrow is around the City Level.

Any correction is welcomed.


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