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Z-Master enters Final Fantasy

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In order to get a good idea of how strong the Z-Master is (also because the Z-Master scales to stronger characters in terms of power and speed), and of course because we always need more GaoGaiGar. Z-Master invades Final Fantasy. Some feats for Z-Master are as follows...
The Z-Masters physical form is a planet-sized monstrosity bigger than the Earth. All of the GGG Brave Robos and King J-Der attacking together while boosted by ZA POWAH wasn't enough to even scratch the Z-Master (not only were the Brave Robos individually destroying entire moons and turning them into light, but King J-Der can reach planet level even when not boosted by ZA POWAH due to destroying Ganymede), who didn't even bother having a protective barrier (though as it's made of all the Primevals put together, it could have this ability if it wishes to).

If that's not enough, the Z-Master was stated to be a threat to the entire universe on a few occassions (and it was what originally destroyed the universe of the Trinary Solar System, abet over time). To back this up, we see the Z-Master master program swallowing up countless planets (and as a reminder, mechanizing a planet will literally destroy it and cause it to dissolve into nothingness). The Z-Master also has access to ZA POWAH, which transcends time and space and is said to be infinite (and is also a fraction of Triple Zero, the energy/law that governs the birth, death and rebirth of the Universe).

Z-Master has all of the abilities of all the Primevals, which includes creating protective barriers, regeneration, telekenisis, creating micro-blackholes (which are said to be as strong as a blackhole proper, as is the Dividing Driver), gravity manipulation, hypnotising opponents, being able to reduce temperatures to absolute zero, opening ES windows across astrological distances, creating a warped klein space to trap enemies, energy blasts and more. It controls all Zonders and Zonderians in the Universe, and refers to the Zonder spores as its "alter egos" (thus it's possible that Z-Master could posses all the abilities of the Zonders too).

In terms of speed, it would be lightspeed (scaled off Pasdar) to low FTL (scaling to J-Der). It also has some incredible perceptions, as even Eyes (one of the Primevals that forms a part of it) was able to see a tear a fraction of a millimeter across from several kilometers away).
How does it go?


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Ignoring cosmics Gilgamesh and Zeromus(?) are probably giant problems for Z-Master