Luke Skywalker vs Jojo Villains

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Luke has to fight the main villains of each Jojo part (starting from part 3). All the villain stands are at their strongest point (Killer Queen w/ Bites the Dust, Made in Heaven, D4C Love Train). How's this one turn out? :maybe

R1: Luke fights them one at a time
R2: Luke fights them all at once

Bonus Round: Can Luke defeat Giorno with GER? :hm


A low-tier Jedi Knight. Here is the relevant feat.



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Dio isn't going to have the time to initiate the words to activate the ability of The World

Uses force speed to see Guri in slow motion.

He had to trust the Force completely---Guri slowed, as if she were suddenly mired in thickened time. He saw her hand descending, saw it moving to smash him, but it was so incredibly slow, why, he could easily just roll aside and stand, before she ever reached him...He did so. He felt as if he were moving at normal speed, though there was a crackling feeling to his motion, a sound like a strong wind whistling about his ears.
-Shadows of the Empire page 358-359


Dio doesn’t need to say it to stop time, but it’s irrelevant because he’s at minimum like 6x slower than a decent force user letalone Legends Luke

The World is Universal in range but I’m not sure how that matters much
Even Jax as a fodder Jedi could display, without the Force giving him precog, the reflexes to react to and be faster than actual beams of light fired at him at less than 2 meters distance with his power sword, like the infamous I-Five feat we have gone over many times over.

Besides, Giorno, literally no one in JJBA is touching Legends/Lucas Star Wars Luke. Dio would literally get atomized by a Force Push from Luke.


Love Train is the only thing any villain is packing that might matter but I highly doubt that Legends characters don’t have a way to bypass into another dimension lol
Force-Users can attack through different dimensions, or at least upper mid-tiers and above can. Luke has projected Force Illusions from the material universe (byronic universe) into the tacyonic one (hyperspace), like he did in Dark Empire.