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That or blogs would be nice, preferably both

Also, add these to the OP

I grabbed Crimson King's but that was the only one's I was able to nab atm but I'll try looking for more of the blogs if I have the chance. I'll also add those in to the OP so thanks for that.

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Alright, I think I got all the basics down anyway with the help of the others and CT's Archives.
Outside of maybe a Fate Blog I missed, I think that's ultimately all of the basics right there.

So after I look for that, then I'll get started on bringing back all of my shit here and have to reformat the Hyperlinks for obvious reasons.

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@ChaosTheory123 Should I just bring your calcs and feats over here while I still have the time or are you going to put them here yourself? Either way when we get Threadmarks, we can easily find these later on.


Btw, am I allowed to make multiple posts here in this thread (for purposes of importing a bunch of posts from the previous forums)?

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Btw, am I allowed to make multiple posts here in this thread (for purposes of importing a bunch of posts from the previous forums)?
This is my thread anyway, go on ahead.
We primarily need CT's Calcs when he gets the chance as well as some final touches so at the very least we don't have to keep pointing out the general shit to people every time.

hey lads, won't you miss those nasu vs asta clover or nasu vs nardo threads on the fanZverse obd section?

cuz for me, this forum is a true present for the obd'ers :mjlol

Yeah, it's going to suck when it potentially comes back again... but it's definitely nice while it's not here.

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And I'm seeing that for some reason, my hyperlinks are suddenly gone from Google Drive... and I have no idea how or why that happened...
I may have to ultimately set them all up all over again as I have no clue how that happened when they was still active even before today

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Alright since we the blog section back and we can get the actual calcs here too, I'll soon start adding in my own shit back as well as add in everything else from the Manga.

Unfortunately, it seems I will have to re-add in my hyperlinks as Google Drive decided to be an absolute bitch and removed them somehow(That or they got de-activated even in WordPad which never happened before.) so I gotta do it again which will still be a pain in the ass.

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I'm going to start including stuff here from Beast's Lair and Fallacies from Spacebattles and I will make sure to name them and link to their posts as well so no one thinks I'm stealing from them.
I'm primarily doing this because I believe this section should have some more life in it and the Tsukihime Remake came out and translations are still happening and since Type-Rey has ultimately stepped out for awhile now, it's best to atleast do this to keep the section lively outside of just Feat Fodder(Until I can finally redo my LB Archives... which will start tomorrow... sigh damn Google Drive)
  • Note that this isn't the True End Route, but the catfight in the park in the later half of the Ciel Route, before Shiki fully escalates to vampirification.
  • The Preceptual Blood Boundary( Idea Blood) associated with "Castle; Ergo, Kingdom" is No. 22, Chromclay Petastructure.
  • The specific iteration of " Grand Cathedral( Gothic Fort) " that Ciel customized for deployment against Arcuied is referred to as " the Tower of Imprisonment( the Towering) ." It operates by way of escalating the towering walls of a cathedral as a Foundation.
  • The original( model) of "the Tower of Imprisonment" is the Grand Cathedral of Strasbourg, which Nasu describes as having been "extolled as the largest tower of the medieval era." Irrelevant of whether or not that's true, the Tower of Imprisonment is said to approximate the mass and hardness of its original. Also, it isn't merely the mass of the stones that count, but the 'mass' of the associated prayer. These factors apparently grant the Bounded Field sufficient resilience that even members of the Twenty-Seven Ancestors would be temporarily sealed within.
  • Prior to this fight, Arcuied presumed that Ciel made a habit of restricting herself from the use of magecraft in accordance to some manner of "creed." However, Ciel here qualifies that if the opponent is either Arcuied or Roa, she won't abide by any such restriction.
  • As of the understanding of the thaumaturgical community, mana generation capacity — or rather, energy generation capacity (エネルギー生産量, enerugii seisanryou) — counts as a manner of "mass." Based on relative scale and mass, existences are categorized to gradations of strength / resilience. In descending order: 1st - "small and heavy existences"; 2nd - "large and heavy existences"; 3rd - "small and light existences" (humans fall in this caregory); and 4th - "large and light existences" (information, rumors, ghosts). Ciel's Grand Cathedral falls in the 2nd category.
  • If one extrapolates from the above that "resilience" in the context of thaumaturgy has something to do with mana generation capacity, Ciel's mana generation capacity puts her fairly high up on the scale ...
    That said, we do know that even a Servant's Thaumaturgical Resistance seems to operate on mana circulation ...
  • The Grand Cathedral is formally described as a Phase-Transition Style (相転移式, souten'i-shiki) Quarantine Type (隔絶型, kakuzetsu-gata) Bounded Field, whatever that means. It was designed to the express purpose of temporarily confining Dead Apostles of Rank IX / members of the Twenty-Seven Ancestors.
  • Deployed at maximum theoretical range, the Grand Cathedral can attain a diameter of 30 kilometers. However, Ciel can to some extent alter the internal and external scale of the Bounded Field. This is referred to as spatial distortion (空間歪曲, kuukan waikyoku), and isn't a functionality that existed as of the original expression of the Idea Blood.
  • The original Idea Blood was apparently utilized by No. 22 / Chromclay Petastructure to the purpose of preserving an entire kingdom. Ciel's expression of it is comparatively degraded, and is said to "more approximate a Conceptual Bounded Field," whatever that means.
  • Seeming to suggest this as a common feature of grand thaumaturgies, Ciel draws a distinction between the mana utilized by conventional magecraft ("conventional thaumaturgical energy") and the mana utilized to instantiate grand thaumaturgies ("restricted thaumaturgical energy") — giving that the latter isn't easily replenished; that grand thaumaturgies cannot be instantiated in rapid repetition. Twice is the limit to her uses of Grand Cathedral until such a time that she fully recharges it. That said, she doesn't specify a method of charging "restricted thaumaturgical energy."
Lostbelt 1 Archives: Permafrost Empire Anastasia

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Lostbelt 1 Archives: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia - The Grand Duchess of the Beast Nation


Table of Contents:

1. World of Lostbelt Russia and Demonic Beasts

2. Anastasia, Lostbelt & Chaldeas (Here)

3. Ivan The Terrible & Oprinchnki (Here)

4. Mash Kyrielight(Ortinax) and Miscellanous (Here)

5. Yaga (Here)

Gotta do this all over again... but this time, I'll make sure nothing will happen to my damned Hyperlinks unlike what somehow happened this time.
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1. The World of Lostbelt 1: Russia And The Demonic Beasts

The Turning Point of this Timeline becoming a Lostbelt was when the Great Cold Wave rocked the Planet 450 years ago and in an effort to save themselves, Mages changed everyone into Yaga, completely removing the Human element and thus, designating it for removal.

We get the mention of the storm wall that blocks off access to the outside world from the Lostbelt being strong enough to block all kinds of electromagnetic waves and being strong enough to tear steel apart, level cities and end the world itself.

It's also has the energy equivalent to a nuclear bomb and nothing mankind creates that is vehicular can bypass it and the Storm Wall covers the entirety of Russia itself

(From how the series primarily follows this, The Storm Walls have the energy equivalent to a Nuclear Bomb and can most likely surface wipe the planet with the sheer level of energy if it was put as a weapon. On top of the fact that it is seen as as a Deity in the Age of the Gods, this ALSO heavily implies how strong Divine Spirits truly are later on from Da Vinci’s(and Caenis’) word).

The fact that Blizzards are so cold that even with our Arctic Mystic Code, we need a snowcoat to even go safely outside

The fact that the Blizzards can be strong enough to mess with the communications of the Shadow Border(while not as advanced as Chaldeas tech, is still something notable)

The fact that even mild Blizzards are still pretty damn harsh by our worlds standards

And the fact that even with the mild Blizzard, Necrosis and Frostbite will immediately occur if there's even a slight opening in the Arctic MC

Kirchat are beings that are durable phantasmals that require a good headshot or constant attacks to the head or vitals to kill

Kirchat is seen by Da Vinci to be a Low Rank Phantasmal, akin to a Demonic Beast.

Kirchat are also capable of calling out for back up for their brethern... though they also have a chance of calling out a D'yavol Tron, which are capable of destroying villages with ease

Kirchat are durable enough that despite how strong Yaga are, Paxti is amazed that Avicebron's Golems can easily flatten them like nothing

Kirchat is primarily the food source for Yaga(Alongside stuff like Vodka).

The fact that they have over 400 year old Demonic Beast Forests that are powerful enough to defend against typical Anti-Army Noble Phantasms that aren’t older than them or have more mystics by comparison.

The stones that compromises the buildings in the Lostbelt are all filled with magical energy

In LB Russia(or potentially PHH Russia), there existed an ancient Primordial Beast that Ivan ultimately fused himself with in it's Tundra

The Storm Wall and the Tree of Emptiness(Fantasy Tree) is one in the same, destroying the Tree destroys the Storm Wall

The world itself helped nudge the summoning towards Avicebron(among other PHH Servants) despite it barely able to hang itself

The Lostbelts are also capable of having their own version of Servants with Minotaur, Asterios who ultimately decided to completely abandon the little morals he had left to become a monster)

Even though this is a Lostbelt version of Asterios who never even met Euryale, he still is able to have Asterios' memories of Euryale regardless here
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Compilation of the Reality Marble Ramesseum Tentryris abilities and feats in Fate Media:
Ramesseum Tentyris fate fragments
  1. Place of reverence(meant to save the masses) and only used when the world is in danger
  2. The Temple complex must be set up and it's ethereal barriers must connect to reality starting with the ramesseum, abu simbel, Karnak, dendera, temples at abydos for other temples to also manifest
  3. It is a place meant to reenact the age of the gods
  4. Ramesseum Tentyris allows his gods of old to manifest in the world.
  5. The temple AI maintains the barriers and communicates with the gods
  6. The temple complex allows Ozymandias to perform countless mysteries from the age of the gods. It is described as the temple form of gate of Babylon
  7. The mana generated from the dendera light bulb is also from the age of the gods which allows him to produce ammits divine beasts that consume large amounts of magical energy
  8. The dendera is an internal combustion engine and the cannon that shoots the lightning is separate.
  9. The maximum amount of heat that can be granted inside the temple when the dendera is used is equivalent to a solar explosion which also collapses parts of the temple complex mainly the base of the temples where other temples are grouped
  10. Modification of the temple complex at will
  11. The temples, wards, and shrines are described as barriers
  12. Each of these temples have divine beast corresponding to each god associated to those temples. The ammits and eels controlled the poison associated with the divine spirit that released them.
  13. There are temples within temples and also battle grounds within other temples.
  14. The royal species of divine beasts include Marika sphinx, khafra and khufu sphinx, Giza sphinx, divine bull apis, khephri, etc.
  15. The sphinxes and divine beasts are grouped into two categories. Ones that are alive and ones made of stone. The ones made of stone are significantly weaker
  16. Each Sphinx is equivalent to one heroic spirit
  17. The sphinxes simultaneous sound both male and female when they speak. They ignore physics and run on air, use tactics such as feints, control wind and fire and flies.
  18. The wehem mesut commands all the divine beasts and sleeps at the base of the temple.
  19. The temple complex stretches over a few kilometers.
  20. Temple complex prevents magical hyperoxia such as clairvoyance from the outside and invasion of magical creatures.
  21. The hittites divine steel can withstand and rebound anti army noble phantasm
  22. He can observe the events of what is happening in the temple and the outside world in detail from his throne room
  23. Dendera Light Bulb is capable of turning a Man-Made Island to ashes.
  24. Extra. Ozymandias carries a dagger with him for close combat and he is skilled with it.

Known curses and blessings
1. Blessings of immortality, rider and his allies are given their first temporary immortality and can be granted in multiples
2. Curse of intrusion, invaders are poisoned and their skills are actively reduced (ammit beasts and eels control poison)
3. Curse of invasion, invaders have their noble phantasm sealed (except those with strong connections to gods) and have their parameters forcibly reduced.

Ramesseum Tentyris fate grand order
  1. He can drop the temple from the sky
  2. It has anti- purge defense along with a composite armor for the main temple
  3. Can summon fire sprites in the temple complex throne room

4. Anti-Purge Defenses are strong enough to survive the Incineration of Humanity for his own variant of Rhongomyniad's plan.

Ramesseum Tentyris paladin agateram movie
  1. Temple has flight form
  2. Flight form interior looks like a cockpit
  3. Temple has tri Hermès which is located between the thrones.
  4. The temple uses dendera light as anti-purge defense to check the light of judgement. However the dendera can't be shot and defended at the same time cause of how much mana the anti purge defense needs. So he has to pick one. If he's defending he can't attack. If he's attacking he can't defend.
  5. The temple complex in Camelot book scan is described as “the great temple complex is a mixture of Egyptian architecture and foreign objects of all eras.”
  6. The eye of Horus is placed on both sides of the dendera light bulb. He also temporary becomes naked to attacks if he uses his special move.
  7. The dendera light bulb is used as the main cannon in the movie


If I can find the other pic that shows it resting alongside of the rest of the complex, I'll add it here.

EDIT: Alright added in things that was missing, removed one redundancy and I plan on further looking through this as a just in case when I look through Prototype Fragments.
And before anyone asks, I only kept Supersonic Flight and whatever in there because of the fact that practically all of the media like saying that and we never really agreed on it for many reasons in the first place, it will be ignored as a whole.
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- Takeuchi did help to design the Holy City.
- Height: 652 m
- Diameter: 1723 m


Left: Cattle of The King

Middle: Side Tower (this is where Bedivere vs Gawain)



Underground Design


Under the Holy City is a big deep hole. Their idea when they design the Holy City is "a gigantic lance pierce into the earth".


Yeah, the Cattle of the King can fly. This happen when Lion King active light barrier to protect the cattle, before Ozy shot his pyramid beam.


Taken from Reddit.


> Ramesseum feat thread.
>The fact that the thing is shiny gets mentioned.
>Brainlet doesn't mention it destroying a man made island just by trying to land.

SB...not even once.

The fact that their shit being mentioned here is shameful and it pisses me off.